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TCS IT Wiz 2013 Hyderabad Prelims

1. Identify the logo-
Ans- Microsoft Pixelsense.

2. Which web service headed by an Indian has the tagline "Present yourself"? Ans-Slideshare.
3. Which was the most searched Indian movie on Google in 2012? Ans-Ek tha tiger.

4. Expand mVOIP Ans-Mobile Video Over Internet Protocol.

5. Expand BOYD. Ans-Bring Your Own Device

6. Which term was coined by John Mc Carthy? Ans-Artificial Intelligence
7. Which popular comic strip by Scott Adams has been digitized and available online? Ans-Dilbert

8. Identify this eminent personality-
Ans-Som Mittal

9. Which brand of gadgets get their name from the unanimous black colour and keys which resemble seeds? Ans-Blackberry
10. Which technology is named after the stained teeth of King Harold Blatand? Ans-Bluetooth
11. Name this service-
Ans-Google Drive

12. Headed by Sam Pitroda it is an Indian think tank which looks over the possible policies related to education, research and reforms needed to make India competitive in the knowledge economy. Name the organisati…

Quiz Time 126

1. If PS3 : RSX 'Reality Synthesizer' then XBOX: ? (Hint:-RSX is graphics card)

2. Connect 

(Hint-Open Sea)
3. Which law states that 'The cost of a semiconductor chip fabrication plant doubles every four years.'?
4. Identify  5. Fusion, Vishera and Phenom are the processors from which semiconductor giant?
6. Identify this device-

Catechize-Prelim Results

Those who have qualified for Catechize-Finals are-

1.Harshil Vaidya
2.Krunaal Tavkar
3.Rahul Kamath
4.Suman Barnwal
5.Tapan Sharma
6.Krishnendu Mahapatra

Congratulations to all the qualifiers and best of luck for the finals.

The details about the finals will be declared tomorrow.

Catechize-Prelim Answers

Thanks for the splendid response. The results will be out today by midnight.
Six top scorers qualify for the finals and the finals will be held on 1st August.

Here are the answers to the Catechize-Prelims-
1. Kiip
2. Saul Bass
3. Flickr
4. Rotten Tomatoes
5. Deviant Art
6. WUBI(Windows based Ubuntu Installer)
7. Paula Scher
8. Mario PowerUps
9. TomTom
10. Retrogaming or Old house gaming
11. Amkette
12. Flipkart
13. Milky Way
14. Nvidia Shield
15. Sam Pitroda
16. Broadband
17. Flight Simulator
18. Intel
19. Library of Congress
20. Hedy Lamarr


1. Owned by Brain Wong, it is a mobile advertising network that enables brands and companies to prompt consumers for commercial offers on virtual achievement. Identify the company.
2. Identify him-

3. Which popular photo sharing social network was started by Stewart Butterfield?

Quiz Time 125


2.It was started by Joe Greenstein. The site allows users to view movie trailers as well as learn about the new and upcoming movies in the box office. It is now owned by Time Warner. Identify it.
3."Exceed your vision" is the tagline of which printing major?
4.Name it-
5. It is a computer algebra system developed by the Symbolics Computation Group. Name it.
6.What is Windows Aero?
7.Identify this social networking website-
8.Who is termed as the Mother of Internet?

Quiz Time 124

1. Identify this user interface-
2. Who has been given 10 Million USD to promote Lenovo PCs in upcoming days? (Hint- Think Jobs)
3. Written by Florian Meissner it is a photo sharing mobile application for iOS, Android and Windows Platform. It is also referred as Europe's Instagram. Identify it.
4. Identify this P2P platform-
5. It is a side-scrolling endless runner video game developed by Adam Saltsman for the Experimental Gameplay Project. It is available on iOS, Android platforms. Name it.
6. Identify this game engine-
7. Identify this application-
8. X was started as by Nitin Agarwal and Manmohan Agarwal?

Quiz Time 123

1-What was started by TOM ANDERSON and CHOIS DE WOLFE?
2-Which online payment site was started
3-"NEWS FOR NERDS STUFF THAT MATTERS" is the motto/tagline of which website?
4-What was started by ELAN MUSK,MAX LEVCHIN and PETER THIEL?
5- 'PLANKALKUL' programming language was created by--?
6-First computer with monitor and keyboard was?(Hint-Apple LISA/ PDP-1).
7-What is the term used for giving life to animated characters?
8-What is computer jargon?

9-Identify this team in the above picture?-(Hint-INTEL)
10-What is the claim to fame of Nursing Constellation Plus (Skyscape) ios appstore?

Tough Time 15

1)Where can you find things like "anonymous anteater","anonymous gopher" & "anonymous beaver" ?

2)Id the logo

3)Which company makes Writer, Sheet, Show, Creator, Meeting, and Planner products ?

4)What is so special about ZTE Open launched on July 2, 2013 in spain?

5)  X is an anagram of the word "movie".It is a play on the word video, inserting the word "me" as a reference to the site's dedication to users.Identify the site?

6)Id the logo

7)Id this programming language ?

8)Which programmer has been given the title "Benevolent Dictator for Life "(BDFL) ?
Guardian Underground Telephone Exchange
Here is a 'working paper' draft of an article on the Cold War era underground telecommunications infrastructure in central Manchester. It was co-written with Richard Brook and derived from a chapter in our 2012 Infra_MANC exhibition catalogue. The article has been accept for publication by the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society but might take a good few months (or longer?) before the next issue of their Transactions gets released.

A plan Richard drew of the central cable and equipment tunnels lying under China Town in the city centre is shown above. It is quite an extensive underground space, as indicated by the photograph below showing the distances to the ends of the cable tunnels from the central core. More historic photos of the construction of the Guardian Exchange in the 1950s can be seen on George Coney's useful Cold War History in Manchester web pages.  

A view of the Guardian cable tunnels,  taken by English Heritage i…

Auto-Tech-Fact 1

F1 drivers have prolonged exposure to high Gforces and temperatures for little over an hour. This results in an average F1 driver losing about 4kgs of weight after just one race. However he regains weight afterwards.

Quiz Time 122

1)Which Japanese company's name has been derived from its founder's first inventions i.e.  the Ever-Sharp mechanical pencil ?

2)Id this google tool that allows you to search keywords in million of books?

3)Which programming language developed by Google in hopes of eventually replacing JavaScript as the language of modern web apps?

4)X, then a doctoral student at MIT, created the program Sketchpad in 1963. The program is considered to be the father of modern computer-aided design (CAD), and a predecessor to graphical user interface — found in all computers, phones and MP3 players.Id X ?

5) X's first product were bicycle lamps named as National.It got its name from the television sets made for the US market.Identify X ?

6)Id him & what did he invent?