Quiz Time 123

1-What was started by TOM ANDERSON and CHOIS DE WOLFE?
2-Which online payment site was started x.com?
3-"NEWS FOR NERDS STUFF THAT MATTERS" is the motto/tagline of which website?
4-What was started by ELAN MUSK,MAX LEVCHIN and PETER THIEL?
5- 'PLANKALKUL' programming language was created by--?
6-First computer with monitor and keyboard was?(Hint-Apple LISA/ PDP-1).
7-What is the term used for giving life to animated characters?
8-What is computer jargon?

9-Identify this team in the above picture?-(Hint-INTEL)
10-What is the claim to fame of Nursing Constellation Plus (Skyscape) ios appstore?


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