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Anynomous threatens NYPD: Alleged Police brutality

The 'hacktivist' group Anynomous has directly threatened to attack NewYork Police Department.

"The inhumanity and brutality the NYPD has shown will not be let free," a computerized voice warns in a video released Sunday, referring to recent clashes between #Occupy Wall Street demonstrators and cops. "Learn about what happened to the police force in Egypt when they disregarded human rights. Their end was the people's beginning." Protesters, entering the eleventh day of their 'occupation' of Zucotti Park near Wall Street, have claimed excessive police force and brutality. Just yesterday, Anonymous publicly identified a police officer who they say pepper-sprayed female protesters marching through Union Square.This the Ultimatum that has been provided by Anynomous to the NYPD:
"We, as it is our duty to uphold the freedoms of the people will constitute a declaration of war against the NYPD if the brutality does not stop. If we hear of brutality in t…

“Let’s Talk iPhone” for the October 4th Media Event.

iPhone 5, hottest topic of discussion among all youngsters and gadget lovers is tentatively coming in the 1st week of october.

Apple sent out numerous invitations to members of major media outlets for a media event that is scheduled for October 4th. Tim Cook, the Chief Executive of Apple, is set to lead the meeting. The meeting is currently set for 10AM Pacific Time. The invitations were sent out with the headline “Let’s talk iPhone” so we know there will be some major next-generation iPhone discussion happening.

The Invitation included icons that Apple uses in its operating systems. it included a calendar with the date, a clock displaying the time, the maps icon which set the location at Apple's Cupertino headquarters and the phone icon that showed one missed call.

Mozilla Firefox 7: Released

Mozilla Foundation has released its upgrade to Firefox 6. Today it has released the Mozilla Firefox 7. Firefox 7 has been aimed at reducing the gluttonous use of RAM, which was found in its earlier versions.released under the Memshrink project it will reduce upto 50 percent as said by Mozilla, the non profit organisation that manufactures Firefox.

This newer version will reduce the likelihood of crashing and would provide a better and faster performance.The Version 7 will have adds new developer tools, more graphics hardware acceleration and an option i  reporting tool to let Mozilla know about usage problems.

Mozilla claims that not only has start up speed improved, but also tab opening, menus and buttons on the websites. It also claims the the heavy internet users will enjoy enhanced performance when lots of tabs and open and during long web browsing sessions, that last hours.
Firefox 7 also brings speed to some HTML5 content by using the computer's graphics hardware to accelerate …

Quiz Time 1

1.What is "Black Wednesday" in the History of
2.The web office suite by ADVENTNET is _______.
3.The cofounder of which Social News Website was recently (before a month) accused for stealing data from MIT?
4.Microsoft- Photosynth, Google- ________.
5.Which language is also known as the Hacker's Language?
6.What is the name High End Rig manufacturing section of HP?
7.What is the claim to fame of SLACKWARE LINUX?

TCS IT WIZ Bhubaneswar Prelims

1.NIC is a premeire S&T institution of Government of India, established in 1976 for providing e-governance solutions adopting best practices, integrated services and global solutions in government sector.What does NIC stand for?
2.Ethernet II was made by the collaboration of 3 companies. These 3 companies were reffered as "DEC", where "D" stands for Digital Equipment Corporation and "X" stands for Xerox. What does "I" stand for?
3.August Dvorack and his brother in law William Dealey gave the simplified version of which computer peripheral?
4.There was the logo of Playstation Move to identify.
5.John walker founded this company in 1982. This company aims at providing 3D designing tools. Volo 3D is a famous product from the company. Identify the company.
6.It is a very common semiconductor device that has its uses in almost all electronic device that we use. It was created by William Shockley,Walter Brattain and John Bardeen. What are we talking ab…

Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango"


After a long wait, finally Microsoft has launched its next revision of the Windows Phone Operating system, one of the biggest ventures of Microsoft.Windows Phone 7.5 has been codenamed "Mango". The Mango update will be rolling out with most of the mobile devices in the upcoming days.

To update to WP7 Mango (build 7.10.7720.68) from a public build you must have the  public NoDo (7.0.7392.0) update installed, for developers running the beta builds of Mango you should be able to upgrade after you install the Friends and Family update. 

Microsoft had earlier mentioned the Windows Phone Mango to have hundreds of new add ons on the smartphone platforms. The major features of Mango update are enlisted below:

Improvement in the Multitasking FieldsTwitter and LinkedIn integration in the People hub  Outlook task supportFacebook events integration to calendarMultiple email accounts can be combined and linked into one inboxUpgrade for Internet Explorer 9Windows Live Messenge…

Shades of Arzach .....

Definitely elements of Moebius and Nausicaa creeping into this piece .... comp-wise it needs a polishing ..... but almost there!