Anynomous threatens NYPD: Alleged Police brutality

The 'hacktivist' group Anynomous has directly threatened to attack NewYork Police Department.

"The inhumanity and brutality the NYPD has shown will not be let free," a computerized voice warns in a video released Sunday, referring to recent clashes between #Occupy Wall Street demonstrators and cops. "Learn about what happened to the police force in Egypt when they disregarded human rights. Their end was the people's beginning."
Protesters, entering the eleventh day of their 'occupation' of Zucotti Park near Wall Street, have claimed excessive police force and brutality.
Just yesterday, Anonymous publicly identified a police officer who they say pepper-sprayed female protesters marching through Union Square.This the Ultimatum that has been provided by Anynomous to the NYPD:

"We, as it is our duty to uphold the freedoms of the people will constitute a declaration of war against the NYPD if the brutality does not stop. If we hear of brutality in the next 36 hours then we will take you down from the internet as you have taken the protesters voices from the airwaves."

(See the Video here)


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