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Book Reviews

A couple of recent reviews in academic journals for our book Code/Space, interesting to get positive feedback. My good mate in Kentucky, Matt Zook's provided a review in Regional Studies, (Vol. 46(8)). While Peter Adey'sreview in the Journal of Transport Geography, (Vol. 26) opens by noting that "Code/Space is a pretty remarkable piece of scholarship. It works in a number of important ways to collate and develop the authors' research on software, the internet and communications over the last 15 years or so."

Also, you might be interested in a book review that I wrote on the The Culture of Diagram by John Bender and Michael Marrinan (Stanford University Press, 2010). The review has just come out in the latest edition of the journal Cartographica. I was rather critical of this particular book, arguing that "... their analysis suffered from drawing on such a narrow range of diagrammatic applications and that it offers a narrowly constrained empirica…

Quiz Time 104

2)X was launched in  January , 2005.X is geared towards providing a large archive of freely searchable video.It lost its importance because of Y which is another similar service.Finally it was shut down in August , 2012. Most of the videos on X were in .gvi format.Id X and Y ?
3)What is this? Hint-Cryptography
4)Which was the world's first large-scale programmable electronic digital computers, the first becoming operational in December 1943 ?
5)Identify him
6)X X is  a Japanese PC variant, built by Fujitsu.It started as a proprietary PC variant intended for multimedia applications and PC games.The name was an homage to Charles Hard Townes, one of the winners of the 1964 Nobel Prize in Physics.Id X ?
7)Id him
8)What are these Lorenz SZ40SZ42A and SZ42B ? They could have changed the history of the world :P
9)Id this game
10)What was OXO in the context of gamming ?

Quiz Time 103

1. It is an Internet Cryptography company started by Sameer Parekh and is now owned by Redhat. Name it.
 2.Whats This?
3. "I've been working to create an interactive television my entire life. I always knew it was a way of bringing computers to average people."Who has said this and with respect to what?
4. Identify- 5. Identify the device from its Slogan- "Makes life fun, makes you happy!"
6.  X is the project by Gujarat Government aimed to modernise land administration and to enable farmers to manage this crucial resource better. X enables farmers to access their land records, obtain copies of ownership documents and even apply for ration cards. Identify X.
 7.  What is this initiative and by which country?

Tough Time 10

1. This is an international, non profit organization founded in 1992 to provide leadership in internet related standards, education and policy. Its motto is "to assure the open development, evolution and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world". Identify it.
2. Identify this honor.
3.Identify her..

4.This is a social media management system for brand management created by Ryan Holmes in 2008. Identify.
5.Identify this device and why is it special?

6. 'DO NOT POWER IT DOWN'. What is so special about this phrase?

Quiz Time 102

1)X is a video game series originally exclusive to the SonyPlayStation.It features (pandi-kukka), loosely, pig-rat.  It is set in Wumpa Islands, an archipelago situated to the south of Australia.
Id the game

2)In the recent Gujarat elections Narendra  Modi used holographic technique to appear in more than one location simultaneously.Which company created this ?

3)Id him and which OS did he develop ?

4)Which device is based on he principle of stereolithography  ?

5)X was developed when Professor Hari Dass of the Institute began looking for a supercomputer to handle his theoretical physics research.X  takes its name from a Himalayan peak.The Department of Atomic Energy in India made a grant of Rs 3.5 crore to the Institute to develop X.
Identify X ?

6)Identify the software and for what it is used 

7)Connect Quest Software, Alienware, Perot Systems and Gale Technologies ?

8)Id him and he is kknown for developing which famous product

9)Expand SLIP & ISDN?
Came in my exam yesterday just wanted to…
Publicity Burst on the Manchester Blitz Maps

We managed to get some good media coverage about the online maps of Manchester, especially regarding the Second World War bomb damage mapping held by the City Archives. Following a good press release from Mike Addelman we were featured in a great double page spread in Manchester Evening News, including a 'lovely' picture of my head (see partial scan of the hardcopy newspaper page below). The story 'Blitz Maps Unearthed' was actually trailed on the front cover of the newspaper. The version on the MENwebsite has a useful slideshow of images, again including a couple of cheesy images of myself holding big old paper maps in a supposedly scholarly fashion.

The 'blitz maps' story also got a little mention in The Times newspaper last Friday. The following day Donna Sherman (Rylands map librarian) and David Govier (Manchester City archivist) were interviewed about the new online cartographic resources for Manchester, particula…

Quiz Time 101

1)identify this device and what was its use ?

2)X  is a highly sophisticated computer worm.It was  discovered in June 2010.Kaspersky Lab concluded that X could only have been conducted "with nation-state support".X has affected 58.85% computers in Iran.
Id X ?

3)BxR,Topiary,Kayla/KMS are the founding members of which famous hacking group ? 

4) X is an anti-virus and computer security and computer software company based in HelsinkiFinland.It was formerly called  Data Fellows. Id X ?

5)This doodle is dedicated to whom ?
Maps of aerial bombing of the City of Manchester during the Second World War

These maps have long been sought after and generally thought not to exist for Manchester. However, a large folio of annotated Ordnance Survey county series maps showing the location of all bombs dropped and the damaged caused to buildings during the Second World War have been unearthed. The maps contain a lot of detail, including the type of bomb and the date it was dropped. Accompanying the maps are a large set of index cards detailing the properties effected and the damage caused. The maps and index cards were prepared by the City Architects Department in the Manchester Corporation as part of their management of the city during the war.

I first came across the maps as part of ongoing research about 'Mapping Manchester' in December 2009 when they were held (or perhaps 'lost') within working files of the Planning Department in the Town Hall Extension. Now they have been transferred to Mancheste…

D.A.V IT Quiz


1.Connect to find a website.
2.Connect to find a company.
3.Connect to find a website.

4.Connect . (Claim to fame)

1.—This game’s name literally translates into English from Japanese as ‘BATTLE SPIRIT
CLOTH’. In the game manual, its name is said to be ‘ a title awarded to a superior soldier
possessing almost superhuman drive and ability, while excelling in guerrilla tactics.’ Which game am I talking about?
2.Born on 22 November I rose to fame after making to the covers of the wired magazine.In 2003, I opened a new company called SNOCAP with Jordan Mendellson. I had a cameo role playing myself in the movie The Italian Job. Who am i?

3.This service was started by Terrence Eden and Roger Bamkin. It converts every Wikipedia page to a QR code, specifically  for mobile devices. Identify this service.

4.This particular 99¢ a song, music store has been proclaimed as one of the greatest Trojan marketing strategies ever devised by a company. Which store am I referring to …

Tech Fiction 2

1.Captain Kirk introduced this device in the Star Trek franchise.It laid down the inspiration for a real life device but still remains unachieved as far as it's technology is concerned.The following badge certified a fleet member to be equipped with the device.Identify the reel as well as the real life device being talked about.

2.Which arm of the Canadian government is responsible for the creation of Wolverine and Sabretooth ?

3.What was the name of the portable cassette player and recorder manufacture by Tiger electronics that was used  by Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone : 2 ?

4.What would you call a telephone that gives a particular number  more priority than other numbers at any time?(This concept is extensively used by companies nowadays)

5.What is the name of the computer system developed by Cyberdyne Systems as a 'Global Defense Network' that serves as the main antagonist in the TERMINATOR franchise?

6.Name the most famous device belonging to the race of the 'Time Lord…

Quiz Time 100

Welcome to the 100th Quiz Time.It has been a wonderful journey so far and i hope to continue with even greater zeal and more Questions.This wouldn't have been possible without ur continuous support.
If you have any suggestions,Queries or critici

Quiz Time 99

1)X was found in  an unused Matsushita plant in 1947. Initially it  used  to make bicycle generator lamps.
 it made Japan's first plasticradio and in 1954 Japan's first pulsator-type washing machine.
Identify X ?

2)Which revolutionary technology was invented by physicist Dennis Gabor for which was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971 ?

3)What is this ?

4)Which is the world's largest tech fair which is held in Hanover,Germany every year ?

5)The term "artificial reality", was coined by whom ?

6)"Global Domination Through Media Saturation" This is the slogan of which hacking organization ?
7) Sprawl trilogy novels are famous early cyberpunk novels by whom ?

8)identify him ?

9) X is roughly the size of a small bulldozer and weighs about 2.25 tons.It is used for clearing obstacles, removing explosives, hauling cargo.Its name is same as that of a popular Taiwanese company. Id X  and the company which makes it ?

10)id and he is credited with inventing which ubiquit…