Quiz Time 102

1)X is a video game series originally exclusive to the Sony PlayStation.It features (pandi-kukka), loosely, pig-rat It is set in Wumpa Islands, an archipelago situated to the south of Australia.
Id the game

2)In the recent Gujarat elections Narendra  Modi used holographic technique to appear in more than one location simultaneously.Which company created this ?

3)Id him and which OS did he develop ?

4)Which device is based on he principle of  stereolithography  ?

5)X was developed when Professor Hari Dass of the Institute began looking for a supercomputer to handle his theoretical physics research.X  takes its name from a Himalayan peak.The Department of Atomic Energy in India made a grant of Rs 3.5 crore to the Institute to develop X.
Identify X ?

6)Identify the software and for what it is used 

7)Connect Quest Software, Alienware, Perot Systems and Gale Technologies ?

8)Id him and he is kknown for developing which famous product

9)Expand SLIP & ISDN?
Came in my exam yesterday just wanted to share :p

10)X derives its name from UNIX objects called magic cookies.These are tokens attached to user or program and change independently depending on areas entered by user. Identify X ?


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