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1.Bob Miner and Ed Oats are the co-founders of which company?

2.XPS,Vostro and Latitude are laptops from which company?

3.Who is the current IT minister of India?


5.Who owns sites such as Youtube , Blogger and Orkut ?

6.With which company would you associate John T Chambers?

7.What term did Don Hoefler coin in 1971, in the weekly newspaper “Electronic News” describing the area around Sunnyvale and San Jose around California?


9.What is the full form of YAHOO ?

10.Xolo is a brand from which IT major?

11."Keep it simple" is the tagline of ?

12.Which company had a spin off called Agilent Technologies in 1999, merged with Compaq in 2002 and acquired EDS in 2008?

13.AIBO the Artificial Intelligence Robot, was the one of several types of robotic pets designed and manufactured by which company?

14.Clawhammer, Newcastle, Palomino, Thunderbird are all codenames for which processor from AMD?

15.The Wii is a video game console released by which company on November 19…
Quoted in the papers

I was interviewed about the politics behind mapping technologies by Guardian journalist Oliver Burkeman a few weeks ago. His article, How Google and Apple's digital mapping is mapping us appeared in the paper yesterday. The article made the front cover of the G2 section and generated a good number of online comments. I got a small quote:

"The map is mapping us," says Martin Dodge, a senior lecturer in human geography at Manchester University. "I'm not paranoid, but I am quite suspicious and cynical about products that appear to be innocent and neutral, but that are actually vacuuming up all kinds of behavioural and attitudinal data."

The fact that I claimed not to be paranoid has raised a couple of comments from my colleagues.

Also, my recent book gets a nice name check in an interesting comment piece about the growing power of software algorithms in academia. The article is entitled Leave the thinking to us, in the Times Higher Education.

TCS IT WIZ(2012) - PUNE Prelims


1.Developed in the 1970s by  Cleve Moler at Math Works.Is a revolution in the education industry.ID.

2.What is the full form of IBIBO?

3.Compatibility and Quality was it's motto and it derived it's name from it,what ?


5.Matthew Charles "Matt" Mullenweg created a website that helps others create other blogs.What did he create ? 

6.Started as a card making company in 1889. ID.

7.Who is the CEO Of IBM? 

8.ID the company from the HQ .

9.Who's the father of the Pentium Chip ?

10.Expand .XIF.

11.What did this person create ?   

12.From Latin , from Ancient Greek word meaning  "likeness, image, portrait". Eastern Orthodox Church sense is attested from 1833. Computing sense first recorded in 1982.Now a common part of the computer lingo.ID the term.
(pickbrain gave a give away clue:can be seen as tiny images on computers). 

13.With which Indian mobile maker did Intel make Xolo ?

14.What did they create ? 

15.A Xis a type of digital media consisting of an e…


1)X was started by Intel in July 2007.In April 2009 Intel turned X over to the Linux Foundation. Subsequently, X was merged with Maemo, becoming MeeGo. 
Identify X ?

2)What is this and why is it famous?
I modified it a bit.But with a little ingenuity,u can surely guess it1

3)X develops and sell smartphones with the mobile Linux operating system.The company's name means "a small boat" in Finnish. Identify X ?

4)Who is he and why is he famous?(nt open source but think open content)

Quiz Time 79

1) What is the technology(product) by ATI that allows up to 6 monitors to be connected to one card to allow surround-screen panoramic view ?

2)Identify the book?

3)iPlayer, is an internet television and radio service and software application, developed by which company? Hint-Its like Real Player
4)In June 2010, Apple rebranded iPhone OS as "iOS" and not as IOS. Why?
5)In May 2011, X acquired Skype Technologies for $8.5 billion in its largest acquisition to date. Identify X ?
6)If  Mac OS X Lion: Launchpad then what it for iOS ?


8)X Introduced on August 23, 2012 to symbolize the "world of digital motion" and diverse portfolio of products. What is X ?
9)Which technology  company  topped the list of green companies  worldwide  is data published by Newsweek ?
10)Id this SNS ?

Tough Time 6

1. 'To do a calculation 100 times as cheaply you must do it 100 times as fast'. Name the law.

2. X was invented by Tom Cranston and Fred Longstall. Id 'x'.

3. Zoomer was the first product of this company. It was founded by Ed colligans and X. Identify the company and 'X'.

4. This is also called as 'mathematics and computation'. this was started at CSAIL( The Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of MIT). It is directed by Robert Fano. Name the project.[ Hint : concentrate on the question].

5. He is the President of 'National Ethical Hackers Association' (NEHA). This hacking pioneer of Odiya origin has authored books with Ankit Fadia. Identify him.



1.It was ranked as the No. 1 brand for customer satisfaction within the first year of its launch with an overall score of over 95%. It have also been adjudged the 'Buzziest Brands of 2009' i.e. the most searched for brands by surfers, in a survey carried out by a leading online portal in India.Id the brand.

2.Which company is Sanjay Jha the CEO of?

3.What was created by Dennis Ritchie other than the language C ?


5.Identify this person.

6.Identify the OS.

7.Who was the founder of NeXT Inc. ?

8.Name Sony's dog like robot.

9.What was developed by John Backus ?

10.Which company's name translates to the Japanese word for 'Mountain Leaf'?
(Hint : The company makes a range of digital pianos.)

11.Who was the official watch sponsor of London Olympics 2012 ?

12.Identify--"Speed One Terrahertz,Memory One Zettabyte" .

13.Expand AJAX.

14.Expand VOIP.

15.Identify-- " Like Lift without the L "

16.Name the company that has partnered with Boeing to reduc…

A Daring Rescue ....


TCS IT WIZ ( 2012) - CHENNAI Prelims

 PRELIMS1.    What was started by VSS Mani a local search engine which has processed more than 250,000 requests this year alone?

2.    X was developed because Microsoft did not offer comprehensive windows 7 support for atom processor. It is a merged project of Maemo and Moblin. Now it is known as Tizen OS.
 ID X.

3.    What product is based on Japanese Shokado Bento?

4.    “That one small step for man, One giant leap of Mankind” was spoken by Neil Armstrong on what company’s Transceiver?

5.    Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger are the developers of what famous application?

6.    What is this programming language?

7.    Expand GPRS

8.    Nicholas Carr in his book compared “The Big Switch” compared cloud computing to what important utility?

9.    What word that was coined in the 1960’s by Frederic C. Billingsley  to describe the picture elements of video images (especially in TV’s)?

10.    What we commonly use today was first conceptualized at Advanced Research Projects Agency as what?

11.    Who is kno…

Tough Time 5

1.X is a UK based music sharing social networking site by Felix Miller?
2.Tim Howes is famous for creating what in the world?
3.This .com means PEACE in chinese. Name it.
4.The Rivals of this famous Software Company are termed to be NOISE? Identify the firm.

Quiz Time 78

1)X was originally developed by the Canadian-based company Distinctive Software.X is the most successful racing video game series in the world, and one of the most successful video game franchises of all time. 
Identify X ?

2)In the context of hardware and software development, what is a golden master ?

3)id the logo

4)David Jones,Dan Houser,Sam Houser are known for creating which very famous game?
5)Which web browser developed by Amazon is used in Kindle Fire ?
6)Id the layout engine and it is used in which browser?
7)X allows users to interact and collaborate with each other in a social media in contrast to websites where users  are limited to the passive viewing of content that was created for them. Examples of X include social networking sites, blogs, wikis. What is  X and who coined the term ?
8)Identify this new technology?
9)Founded by Ben Silbermann,Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp.the site is managed by Cold Brew Labs and funded by a small group of entrepreneurs .the site is managed by Cold…

Quiz Time 77

1)X is the world's largest and most international computer expo. The trade fair is held each year in  Hanover,Germany. Identify X ?

2)Identify the logo

3)Snapfish is a web-based photo sharing and photo printing service.Which company owns it?

4) X was established as Lak-Hui Chemical Industrial Corp. in 1947.The current company was a result of merger of two companies Y and Z .Y  was famous for hygiene products such as soaps  HiTi laundry detergents,  Perioe toothpaste.Z is famous for producing South Korea's first radio.. 
Identify X,Y and Z ?

5)Which website's slogan is "For a life gone digital" ?

6)What are baby bells in the context of IT ?

7)What is TinyURL-whacking ?

8)Identify him and why is he famous?



1.Apple : Siri :: Samsung: ?

2.What is Southwestern Bell Corporation now better known as?

3.Name her or identify the company associated with her.

4.Identify the game.

5.Which company created the app “Velu the Welder”, which is designed to help kids who drop out of school?

6.Identify the company associated with her.

7.What is Android 4.1 codenamed as?

8.What was originally called Project Natal?

9.Which social network now enables you to create social networks ?(options Orkut, Ning and Baidu)

10.What is this service called?

11.What is the word to denote 10^21 bytes?

12.Who authored “Why the future doesn’t need us” who also happens to be the co-founder of SUN.?

13.Peter Shu founded what? (Storage Company)

14.Drew Houston conceived the idea after repeatedly forgetting his USB Flash drive while he was a student at MIT. What creation did this lead to?

15.Which gaming company owns

16.Id the logo.

17.What is a .srt file used for?

18.What is  macsyma, a programming language used for?

Paper analysing the content of the City of Manchester Plan, published in 1945

I've just received the pageproofs for a paper, coauthored with Chris Perkins. Its due to be published in the autunm hopefully.

Mapping the Imagined Future: The Roles of Visual Representation in the 1945 City of Manchester Plan
by Chris Perkins and Martin Dodge

Visual representations have often played a crucial role in imagining future urban forms. In the aftermath of the Second World War, a noteworthy new genre of urban plan was published in Britain, most deploying seductively optimistic illustrations of ways forward not only for the reconstruction of bomb-damaged towns and cities but also for places left largely undamaged. This paper assesses the contribution of visual elements in this process with a detailed case study of the maps, statistical charts, architectural drawings and photographs enrolled into the 1945 City of Manchester Plan. The cultural production of these visual representations is eva…

TCS IT WIZ(2012)Kolkata Prelims


1.What in the world of technology was created by Brendan Eich?

2.What does '.mam' stand for?

3.Expand ACER in the context of the robot.

4.How many bytes does one zettabyte equate to?

5.Id the logo.