TCS IT WIZ(2012)Kolkata Prelims


1.What in the world of technology was created by Brendan Eich?

2.What does '.mam' stand for?

3.Expand ACER in the context of the robot.

4.How many bytes does one zettabyte equate to?

5.Id the logo.

6.Id the game.


7.Which company created the nGuru educational service?

8.What was created at Stanford Research Institute and used in the iPhone 4s?

9.Who own "Computational Research Labs"?


11.Identify the person.

12. Connect:Napster,Plaxo,Facebook,Spotify,Votizen,Airtime.

13.Which company created the playbook tablet?

14.What is this?

15.Which symbol on the keyboard is used to separate directories while using the "CD" command on Windows?

16.Which website recently made news when it announced that it could not operate in India due to copyright issues?

17.What was the previous name of Intel?(not NM electronics)

18.Gauntlet 3 was a game with the following characters Pirates, Nerds , Punk rockers and X.X in the modern context is a major entity in this world.Id X.

19.What was created by Herman Hollerith specifically for the US census in the 1890s?

20.Who owns


1. JavaScript
2. Microsoft Access Macro
3. Armoured Combat Engineered Robots
4. 10^21 bytes
5. Wikipedia for iOS
6. Diablo 3
8. Siri
9. TATA Group
10. Mike Lazardis
11. Pranav Mistry
12. Sean Parker
13. RIM
14. Copyleft
15. “\” (Backslash)
16. Pandora
17. Integrated Electronics
18. Android
19. Punched cards
20. Amazon

Source: Aviral Dasgupta and Shubham Aggarwal (Winners)


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