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Automobile Quiz-2

1)Id this car and what is its claim to fame?

2)Manufactured by Lamborghini it is purportedly the costliest car in the world !Only three cars are being made available every year.It has a top speed of 221 mph. Id the car?

3)This is the old logo of which company?

4)Connect Aston Martin DB5,Audi A6,1930 Bentley 4½ Litre,BMW 750iL ?

5)Id this iconic car

Quiz Time 120

1)"Blibbet" and  "pac-Man" used to be the name of logos of which famous company?

2)What is this?

3) "Durango" is the code name of which upcoming  device?


5)If Sega : DreamArena  then Microsoft: ?
6)This CEO had to undergo surgery of vocal cords after he screamed the name of product continuosly. Id the CEO known for his "passionate expression of enthusiasm " ?


Tough Time 14

1. Identify this software from the screenshot.

2. X was started as XAssociates by JohnX. Now it is a subsidiary of Intel. Identify X. (Hint- Think Viral)

3. Identify this company now headed by Mark Lucas-

4. Connect them to an eminent IT personality-

5. Identify this application-

6. Identify this film making software-

7. X category of software which consists of a specialized form of a Content Management System specifically designed for creating and maintaining weblogs. Name X.

8. Identify this IT major which provides telecommunication solutions-

Pic Time 3

1. What is so special about this device?

2. Name this man and his startup.

3. Claim to Fame?

4. This is the mascot of which programming language?

5. Identify this blogging platform co founded by an Indian.

6. What does this pic depict?

7. Name this controversial CEO. (Hint- He was alleged of Sexual Harrasment)

8. What is this? 
One of my favourite old maps of Manchester
I have spent a good deal of time over the last couple of years looking at a wide array of maps of Manchester - old / new, pretty / ugly, useful / unworkable. One of the most attractive and effective maps I've come across is this early twentieth century street map produced by the cartography company G.W. Bacon & Co. Ltd.

The coverage of Bacon's Plan of Manchester and Salford feels just about right. Large enough to show most of the developed area but compact enough to be legible and easily usable as a sheet map. I really like the colour scheme, with its brown built up areas and green parks and recreation grounds. The symbol design is simple and clear, and the streets are well labelled.

Overall, the aesthetic leads to harmonious cartography and one that really captures the scale and shape of the city that was at its peak in many senses.

I have an original nicely framed and hanging on my kitchen wall. If you want to see this map in much g…

Pic Time 2

1)Id this popular android game

2)relate this to a gaming console

3)id him and his contribution in the field of technology?


5)What is this? 6)Id the browser
7)Id him