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Quiz Time 66

1)Identify this SNS?

2)Which tech giant bought Craigslist (website famous for classified advertisement) in 2004?

3) Brendan Eich is famous for designing which programming language?

4)He is known for finding which blog?

5)Which game tops the list of PC games (including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux)?
It has sold 16 million copies magnificent really!!!

6)'X' is a Belgian

Quiz Time 65

1)What is liquid Galaxy ?

2)This Google doodle commemorates the 100th birth anniversary of which tech genius?

3)In 2002 Microsoft sued 'X' claiming the name X constituted an infringement of their Windows trademark. Microsoft's claims were rejected by the court, which asserted that Microsoft had used the term windows to describe graphical user .Identify X?
Hint-X makes OS

4)Which famous phone hacker's screen name was "Phiber Optik" ?

5)These photos were taken from which company's camera?

6)Which company founded by Mitch kapor is known for its  feature-heavy, user-friendly, reliable and WYSIWYG-enabled product to become widely available in the early days of the IBM PC, when there was no graphical user interface?

7)Who is he?

8) Which is the fastest supercomputer in the world currently?

9)This is the old logo of which company?

10)Which company was founded in 1911 as the Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation through a merger of three companies: the Tabu…

BlackBerry Porsche at Rs 1.39 lakh!!!

Porsche Design and Research In Motion launched a new BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9981 smartphone in India. The BlackBerry Porsche P'9981 is priced at a cool Rs 1.39 lakh.

The Porsche P'9981 is built on a performance driven platform that features a 1.2 GHz processor and Liquid Graphics technology, which enables a highly responsive touch experience with incredibly fast and smooth graphics.

It also features HD video recording, 24-bit high resolution graphics, advanced sensors enabling new augmented reality applications, and built-in support for Near Field Communications.

The Porsche P'9981 comes with 8 GB of on-board memory, expandable to up to 40 GB with a microSD card.

The new Porsche P'9981 also comes with the latest BlackBerry OS that delivers a highly refined and integrated suite of phone, email, messaging and social apps.

Home From The War


Tough Time 3

1.Which company has pioneered low cost ISD calls at just Rs 1 which also has the tagline "makes sense" ?
2.Name the revolutionary floppy drives invented by Steve Wozniak that were first used in the Apple Lisa which had twice the data rate of existing disks and also employed technologies like motor speed control.
3."Seize the minute" is the tagline of which venture?
4.Which potential popular app has been developed by Involver Games?
5.Who's the Simpson's new neighbor?

6.What did Tim Berners Lee say he would like to change in this world which he defines as unnecessary and that it contributes to the loss of extra hundreds of tress each year?
7." A Hyper Connect Peek at the world of Weblogs" is the tagline of which IT personalitie's book?
8.What did Amon Hovaida create in this world that has become an internet rage ( more of a scam :P) ?

9.Identify the startup.
10.IScream is an SMS forum on which popular gaming site?

Quiz Time 64

1)What is the basic difference between object based and object oriented programming languages?
2)Id the logo
3)Who coined the term Ajax ?
4)What is the  Chinese localized version of Google Maps and Google Local services called?
5)This is the logo of which file format?
6)On 6 March 2012, the Android Market was re-branded as ?
7)What is the term associated with a search engine that carries out search through different search engine?
8)He is the creator of which famous software

Tough Time 2

These are some of the toughest Qns ever from the series Quiz Time.If u can answer these then you really are a techno-wiz.

1)Which special type of resistor is being developed at HP which will exponentially increase the store capacity in modern-day computers?
Book Reviews
A couple of reviews of my recent books have appeared in the journal Cartographica over the last couple of months. 

Firstly, Kenneth Field wrote a thoughtful and generally positive review of the edited book Classics in Cartography. As he noted:

"Classics in Cartography is not only a supremely constructed book in its own right but does a fine job of representing the high calibre of papers published in Cartographica over the past 48 years. It provides an insightful read and should also be a staple for students of cartography and GIS. Given the wealth of classics that didn’t make the cut, maybe there is opportunity for a second volume? As Pink Floyd did: The Final Cut?" (Source: Cartographica, Vol. 47, No. 1)

A second review, this time for Code/Space, co-written with Rob Kitchin. Here Gwilym Eades is rather more critical of the framing of our analysis of software in his review. As he says:
"Code/space represents a valiant attempt to usher the field of software stud…

Quiz Time 63

1)Identify this internet meme

2)In chatting lingo, what does ROFL mean?

3)What is the code name of Linux Mint 11?

4)Identify the logo

(Tough One)