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Poken is a technology that utilizes a proprietary Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to allow the exchange of social networking data between two keychain accessories. Each person involved in the data exchange should have his or her own Poken. The data that is collected by the Poken is a kind of 'Social Business Card' and a replacement for physical business card. The Poken when come in contact with each other  recieve a unique Id which stores all online social networking profile of a person. This data can be retrieved by connecting the Poken to the Poken website through a USB connector.
In addition to the contact information found on a typical business card, links to users’ Social Networks can also be added. Examples include Twitter,Facebook and 40+ other Social Networks. Users of the Poken website can use a ‘social dashboard’ to manage, and interact with their contacts.

The company Poken S.A. was founded in December 2007 in Lausanne, Switzerland by St├ęphane Doutriaux. The…

Spring Clean

Decided to clean the blog up a little bit - jettison some of the poorer images I've produced ( there were quite a few !!) and in the process of saving / deleting from my hard drive stumbled across these oldies - they've held up reasonably well!

Siri hack can start your car...

Siri just a primitive personal assistant for some people. It can set up an alarm, set up a reminder, check weather by voice commands. People have also found its uses in many other ways that the manufacturers did not intend to. Now another developer has added another additional use: to start a car just what you need a homebrew server and an iPhone 4S and a certain PHP script and your car gets started remotely with Siri.

Brandon Fiquett is the man behind this nice little hack.He created a plugin based on the custom Siri Server that @plamoni created. Note that you will have to setup your own Siri Proxy Server based off the one by @plamoni for this to work. The plugin interacts with a PHP script that Brandon has on his web server. That script allows him to send commands to any registered car with a Viper SmartStart system, which for him is a silver Acura TL.
Siri when asked can start your car, pop the trunk, stop the engines, pretty impressive stuff...

Siri starts a car!!

WiFi enabled laptops kill male SPERM counts!!!

Could using a WiFi enabled laptop reduce the male sperm count? This is the hypothesis that has been posted in the new issue of the medical journal Fertility and Sterility. A study, conducted by Argentinean scientists, claims that the electromagnetic radiation generated by a WiFi signal could kill off sperm in male semen.
The report claims that the scientists from the Nascentis Medicina Reproductiva in Cordoba used semen samples from 29 men. Those samples were placed under a laptop that was connected to the Internet via a WiFi signal for four hours.The outcomes were horrible, 1/4th of the sperms were found no longer swimming and another 9% of the sperms showed signs of DNA damage.
The final statements of the experiment was- "Our data suggest that the use of a laptop computer wirelessly connected to the internet and positioned near the male reproductive organs may decrease human sperm quality."
Dr. Robert Oates, the president of the Society for Male Reproduction and Urology, says…

Quiz Time 9

1)Currently the world's fastest super computer is the K Computer.It can perform at 8 peta flops.The question is Which company has made the k-computer?
2)Expand CAPTCHA.
3)He is the CEO of a very famous tech company. Identify the company and this tech personality? 4) He is an American computer programmer, best known as the original author of MS-DOS, the most widely used personal computer operating system in the 1980s.Identify him.
6)Identify him and how is he related to TCS?
7)What is the name of this robot and it was manufactured by which company?
8)Cognizant is the 2nd largest tech company in India.Recently it overtook Wipro to hold this title.Who is the CEO of cognizant?
9)Identify this gaming console? 10)Which to be launched console's tagline is "You are cool we are supercool"


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Quiz Time 8

1)This type of image is called QR code.But what does QR stand for?

2)Wnat is the name of the mascot of KDE?
3)This two founded a very famous company.Identify them and the company which they founded?

4)He is the founder of which Anti-Virus company?