Siri hack can start your car...

Siri just a primitive personal assistant for some people. It can set up an alarm, set up a reminder, check weather by voice commands. People have also found its uses in many other ways that the manufacturers did not intend to. Now another developer has added another additional use: to start a car just what you need a homebrew server and an iPhone 4S and a certain PHP script and your car gets started remotely with Siri.

Brandon Fiquett is the man behind this nice little hack.He created a plugin based on the custom Siri Server that @plamoni created. Note that you will have to setup your own Siri Proxy Server based off the one by @plamoni for this to work. The plugin interacts with a PHP script that Brandon has on his web server. That script allows him to send commands to any registered car with a Viper SmartStart system, which for him is a silver Acura TL.
Siri when asked can start your car, pop the trunk, stop the engines, pretty impressive stuff...

Siri starts a car!!


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