TCS IT WIZ-2012(Hyderabad)


1.Who coined the term “Artificial Intelligence”?

2. “To understand the concept, you should think of “free” as in “free speech,” not as in “free beer” . This concept was by which organisation?

3. The recent Indian ecommerce website- is by which online giant?

4. Identify 

5. Which common word comes from the sound that a bullet makes while striking a metal. It means “A short, high-pitched electronic pulse”?
Clue: Used in submarines

6. Which technology by Microsoft enables us to open a multimedia file without any delay?

7. Expand BCC in emails.

 8. Id this young Indian sensation
 9. Soft and Rocket are sizes for what in the internet world? It is widely used in internet publishing.

10. 10. Which game character was originally called Jumpman? He is a plumber by profession and is very popular.


 12. What is ISRO’s equivalent of Google Earth called?

 13. Which famous company’s logo is called Larry the bird?

 14.Identify this device. Be specific

 15. Who is the first Indian woman to head a missile project in India?

 16.  Which company is the official IT partner of the London Olympics 2012?

 17.This was the original sketch of which website?

 18. Which version of Windows phone OS runs on the Lumia series of smartphones by Nokia?

 19. Nathaniel Baldwin created what in his kitchen and then sold his creation to the United States Navy?

 20.Id the person on the extreme right.

1.John Mccarthy
2.Free Software Foundation
4.Adobe Flash
6.Active X
7.Blind Carbon Copy
8.Ankit Fadia
14.Wii U
15.Tessy Thomas
16.Atos Origin
18.Windows 7.5 (Mango)
20.Sean Parker 

Source: Syed Murtuza Hashmi (Winner)



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