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Quiz Time 86

1. This company was earlier known as 'Tungsten Graphics'. It has acquired EMC corporation. identify the company.
2.This media sharing company was founded by Christian Schmid and is currently headed by AlexandraZwingli. Identify the site.
3. Identify this application-

4.Peer Logic pipes platform is the first of its kind. This is a technology used by everyone of us in our day to day lives. Identify the technology.
5.Expand IETF.

7. This company specializes in research, development and production of multi-touch interfaces. This was co founded by Jeff Han. Identify the company.
8.The name of this video streaming service means 'Gourd' in Chinese. This was started by Jason Kilar. Identify the service.

Tech Shake Results...

After evaluating 47 entries, we got our champion...

Rocker Quizzer- Sanchit Bansal.

His score was 31/34. Congratulations Sanchit..:)

Sanchit has been added as the Author of Tech Tac Toe for the month of October 2012.He will also be rewarded with a Special Archive for preparation of upcoming quizzes.
Tech Tac Toe

Thanks for participation...

Thanks for participating  in the online quiz. Glad to see such participation in large numbers and the level of tech quizzing improving day by day.
The results will be announced today @ 8:00 pm.

Thank you all again..

Tech Tac Toe


We cannot prevent you from Googling. But Googling is not in the spirit of Quizzing. We expect a fair game from You.Hence, please don't Google and give your best shot!

There are 3 rounds in total.!st round- BULLSEYE. -10 questions- 1mark each.2nd round- IDENTIFY-5 questions - 2 mariks round -FUNDALOGIC-4 questions- 4 marks each.We will accept the answers until 4:30pm. The one to anwer the most correct and earliest is the champ.Download the Presentation from the following link:-    

Please email us the answers at

Online Quiz Timing

On 27th Sept,Tech Tac Toe completed 1 remarkable year.Its success is only due to YOU who have always  been a source of inspiration and Moral Support.To mark this occasion we are organizing an Online Quiz on Sept 30(Sunday) 2012 at 4:00 PM on our blog. All our readers are cordially invited to the quiz.

The Quiz will consist of 20 Questions involving many connect and trivia from the world of Technology.It will be a 20 min online quiz.We expect  your cooperation to make the quiz a grand success.
Any further Questions can be asked in the comments section.

Ever Yours

Quiz Time 85

1)In July 2011, access to X were blocked in India for Reliance Entertainment customers, after a court order was obtained, citing illegal copies of the 2011 film Singham on file hosting sites.Xis an online Hong Kong–based company established in 2005.Identify X ?

2)Identify this image hosting site?

3).psd and .ai files are used in which popular software ?

4)What does this image depict ?

5)What is the 3D analogue  is a 2D pixel better known as? Hint-Yes,there's a name!
6)Connect Hint-1st pic is of hockey puck Its in  front of you
7)Who is known for coining the word "Word Processing" ?
8)Who is the first  Indian to win the Godel Prize ?He got this for his discovery of a polynomial-time approximation scheme.He has won it twice!

Theme Quiz: Social Network

1. It is a server based distributed social network founded by Dan Grippi. Identify.

3._______ is a social network magazine-format application  for Android and iOS.
4.Douglas Bowman is the designer of the logo of which social network?

Sharman Networks

6.This social network was founded by Ben Silbermann?

The Map Reader awarded a book prize
We were pleased to learn a few months ago that our recent edited book The Maps Reader (Wiley, 2011) had been selected by the Berendel Foundation for the award of the Cantemir Prize 2012.

My co-editor Rob Kitchin attended a conference, Mapping Humans, at Oxford University last week where the award was officially made. Shown left is the certificate recording the award to The Map Reader and below is a photograph of Rob with HRH Prince Radu of Romania, who formally gave the prize to us.

Quiz Time 84

1)What is "Slurp" in the context of search engines ?
2)Id the site and which company acquired it?
3)Mike Bergman, founder of BrightPlanet, is credited with coining which phrase ?
4)X  started his career at IBM in San Jose, California.He was a pioneer of the disk drive.He founded Y in February 1973 and then resigned. Y was bought by Xerox.He received the 1997 IEEE Reynold B. Johnson Information Storage Systems Award. Identify X ?
5)"New York. Fugitive undercover cop. Nothing to lose." Id the game?
6)Id the logo 7)X is a video gamingwebsite that provides news, reviews, previews of games.The site was launched on May 1, 1996 by Pete Deemer, Vince Broady and Jon Epstein. It has won Webby Award several times.CNET Networks is the current owner of the site. Id X ?
8)What is SpringBoard in the context of iOS ?
9)Id the logo 10)Xwas originally designed for interactive television.It went by the name Green , and was later renamed as X..  It promised "Write Once, Run Anywhere" …

Quiz Time 83

1)What is  Web 2.0 suicide machine ?


Quiz Time 82

1)Which person is credited to be the designer of Intel 4004?

2)Which famous company was founded as Presidio Media?


4)"A place for friends" is the tagline of which website ?

5)Which company has banned "Siri" in its office to prevent secret data getting leaked?

6)Id him and he founded which company?