Quiz Time 85

1)In July 2011, access to X were blocked in India for Reliance Entertainment customers, after a court order was obtained, citing illegal copies of the 2011 film Singham on file hosting sites.Xis an online Hong Kong–based company established in 2005.Identify X ?

2)Identify this image hosting site?
ImageShack Logo

3).psd and .ai files are used in which popular software ?

4)What does this image depict ?

5)What is the 3D analogue  is a 2D pixel better known as?
Hint-Yes,there's a name!

Hint-1st pic is of hockey puck
Its in  front of you

7)Who is known for coining the word "Word Processing" ?

8)Who is the first  Indian to win the Godel Prize ?He got this for his discovery of a polynomial-time approximation scheme.He has won it twice!

9)What is the name of  handwriting recognition system used in PDAs based on the Palm OS ?

Tim Berners-Lee,Marc Andreessen,Eric Bina,Kevin Hughes,Lou Montulli 


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