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The Making of Post-war Manchester, 1945-74: Plans and Projects symposium

I am convening a small 1-day symposium on the histories of urban change in the post-war period, looking at a range of different plans and projects relating to Manchester. The event is being held on the 8th of May and is being co-organised with Richard Brook in the Manchester School of Architecture. It is free to attend and you can register for a ticket from here.

We think we have put together a strong programme. The presentations will consider events, such as ‘smokeless zones’, the emergence of a computer cluster in the city, and large scale built projects of the era, including Mancunian Way and the University expansion, in relation to civic plans, infrastructural initiatives, local and national government policies, technological innovation and the wider fiscal climate. Speakers include Michael Nevell from Salford University talking on 'From Industrial City to Industrial Archaeology', from Bangor Uni…

Interroger Prelims

The quiz was conducted by IIIT Bhubaneswar as a part of their inter-college fest 'Advaita'.
Puzzle Set

1.I am a close relative of Newton, you see. Not directly though, but the people working with him later worked with me. I share my name with an Italian airplane “Partenavia ”. I started a revolution and opened up a new segment in the market (mostly in the Chinese KIRF market). I also helped shape a close relative of violet.Who am I ?

2.I have no bridge now but my forefathers had, for some reason. Perhaps the devastation caused by last year’s hurricane made them think otherwise. I am a member of the family which runs pretty much everything around you, including your browser, your mouse, keyboard, display etc. I am made by the people who integrate things with electrons (literally). Who am I?

3.I share half my name with a perfume. I started with a software for the news people. Now I think about space, eco-friendly technology, solar power plants and a way to take money from people. I …

Quiz Time 111

1-In the popular TV series 'THE FLINSTONES' what household gadget did a baby woolly mammoth
function as?
2-What feature was developed under PROJECT TITAN for the users of facebook?
3-How do we better know the android tablet developed by Pakistan Aeronautical Complex and the hong kong based company INNAVTEK?
4-With whom did Karl Ferdinand share the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics?
5-Which engineering company was started in 1894 as collboration between TATA Sons and VOLKART brothers?
6-Which company's first advertising slogan read "You press the buton and we do the rest"?
7- Which company used to own Togethervillie ,a social networking site exclusively aimed at children below the age of 13?
8-Since 1980, technical standards for audio compact discs are collectively known as 'Blue Book'. TRUE or FALSE?
9-Id the browser which shows this error message when it runs out of memory?
Hint-Very Popular 10-Dax Networks Ltd, part of Apcom Group in Chennai, has in collaboration with i…