Interroger Prelims


The quiz was conducted by IIIT Bhubaneswar as a part of their inter-college fest 'Advaita'.

Puzzle Set

1.I am a close relative of Newton, you see. Not directly though, but the people working with him later worked with me. I share my name with an Italian airplane “Partenavia ”. I started a revolution and opened up a new segment in the market (mostly in the Chinese KIRF market). I also helped shape a close relative of violet.Who am I ?

2.I have no bridge now but my forefathers had, for some reason. Perhaps the devastation caused by last year’s hurricane made them think otherwise. I am a member of the family which runs pretty much everything around you, including your browser, your mouse, keyboard, display etc. I am made by the people who integrate things with electrons (literally). Who am I?

3.I share half my name with a perfume. I started with a software for the news people. Now I think about space, eco-friendly technology, solar power plants and a way to take money from people. I was inspired by a genius who fought with one of the greatest innovators of his time to give us a great power.Who am I ?

4.There is a similarity between almost all the participants in this quiz. Almost all of them are using a similar software. The same software has received a recent update and it can be used in a lot of devices, though they are only in part, the same. Obviously there are people who make the devices for the software. There is this one company which makes good phones for the software. But it surprisingly announced that it is making something very different that is associated with hot food. What company?

5.Hal,Red,Chuck,Bomb,Matilda,Terrence,Bubbles and Stella make up my family. Me and my brothers are triplets. We are so popular that Salman Rushdie and David Cameron are amongst our biggest fans. Identify me and my brothers. BTW We recently REBELLED against the EMPIRE.

6.Connect- Pegasus, Krishna, Ferrucio. Connecting the above will lead you to an entity which produced this innovative new gadget at CeBIT which reduces e-waste drastically. Incidentally the frame of the gadget(made from Bambuseae) makes it biodegradable. Name the series of such gadgets made by the entity.

7.This is a pretty new technology which has become a buzzword. It led to the creation of a whole new category in an infamous site which claims to be the most resilient of its kind. It is now available for domestic use though it is priced exorbitantly. It was shown in a popular sitcom recently.Id.

8.Where would you find an "average explorer" ; "a cunning escape artist" ; "a cop with an attitude" ; "a far east explorer" ; "the second greatest explorer ever" ; a conquistador ; and a "football start"?

9.X has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize Twice , nominations in both 2010 & 2011 But X hasn't Been awarded yet, as no one knows who should be given the prize(?) X has instilled the feeling of right to freedom of speech & right to information in humans for the past 10 years and continues to do so.X has also overthrown many governments ID X.

10.We all know the common architecture which is the foundation of all computing things. It was named after a famous mathematician and a principal member of the Manhattan Project. He was a great personality and developed great many theories. But this one thing which is commonly attributed to him came from another equally famous but unfortunate scientist who was treated unjustly in his time. This remains a controversial topic to this day. What are we talking about?

Bonus Questions
1. What is the latest offer from Mark,Dustin, Chris, Eduardo and Andrew's Company?

2.With what would you associate Silverthorne and Diamondville?

3. It is an upcoming video game console running its own version of the Android operating system. Infinity Ward, Square Enix and Namco Bandai have signed up to develop games for the platform. It raised its Kickstarter fund-raising goal within just 8 hours. What is it?

4. This group has spawned several innovative products/concepts including low-cost laptops, Google StreetView, IBM's Pointing Stick etc. Which group are we talking about?

5. Identify : "Like Lift without L"


  1. iPod
  2. Haswell
  3. Elon Musk
  4. Nokia
  5. Jay, Jake and Jim ( The blue birds in Angry Birds)
  6. ASUS U series
  7. 3D printer
  8. Temple Run
  9. The Internet
  10. Von Neumann Architecture

Bonus: 1.Facebook Home 2.Intel Atom 3.Ouya 4.MIT Media Lab5.lttt


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