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Happy Alan Turing year!!

The International year of chemistry (2011) has come to an end. Its now the year of technology. The Alan Turing year. The year computer science. A happy techy new year from me and Siddhartha to all our viewers...

Quiz Time 20

Happy New Year to all!!!Enjoy Quizzing next year too
1)This is the logo of which Indian Tech company?

2)What is cyanogenmod?
3)This is logo of which company and why it is famous?
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4)"Utility of large networks can scale exponentially with size of network". This is which law and who gave it?

5)Who developed powerpoint?Name the person.

6)Identify him and he founded which company?


8)What does addition of 'n' in Windows XP indicate?

9)"Things will get better eventually" This is the motto of which famous project?


Go Anonymous!!!

Well,most of you  go anonymous using incognito of chrome or PRIVATE BROWSING feature of IE.But are u really anonymous? No,u are not.Your ISP still knows which website u are visiting & from where.These features only don't store temporary file or simply saying delete ur history.Hence u are not really anonymous.The solution to this?U can use these.They are truly anonymous!!! Tor Browser

Facebook Messenger for windows leaks ; Download available

If you have been salivating at an independent client to use for Facebook messenger, you download is awaiting. It would appear that the Facebook messenger for Windows is available according to It is being reported that this is a private installation file that is being sent around internally at Facebook but was shared with outsiders in celebration of the new year.  The messenger, like you would expect, operates independently of a web browser, allowing you to chat with your friends on Facebook independently of the website. The application comes with everything that you would expect and contains the classic functionality needed for conversation. The application can be downloaded below, but beware this is not an official release from Facebook so proceed with caution.

Quiz Time 19


2)Which company is famous for creating Pacman ?

3)Which was the first OS to be written for PDA?

4)Identify this famous device and why it is used?

Weird Pen Drives

-The Severed Finger Depending on your sense of humor, the severed finger is either morbidly funny or retch-inducing.
-The Dog
According to Gizmodo, the original humping dogs (this is the second version) came with saggy ears and indifferent expressions. Humping Dogs v2 features big smiles and perky ears…and they’re still tasteless. -The Headless Barbie This drive straddles the fine line between funny and tasteless. Funny: You’re tearing the head off a Barbie and sticking her into your computer. Tasteless: You’re tearing the head off a Barbie and sticking her into your computer.
-The Rubber Chicken This rubber chicken would be G-rated, save for the conspicuous location of its USB drive.
-Mr. Sperm
The American Society for Reproductive Medicine handed out these tadpole-shaped drives at its 2008 conference, according to Gizmodo. Don’t worry, they won’t give your computer any viruses.

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Friends,due to your continued support the number of visitors is increasing.Till now, we have been concentrating only on IT. Let us take this blog to the next level.Hence, I am thinking of posting Quizzes that contain GK. This is because I feel quizzing is far broader than only IT. However we will mainly concentrate on IT.

Please do comment on this post about what should be done, your opinion counts...

Grand Sunday Quiz 6

1)Connect 2)What is "vampire power or phantom load" with reference to IT?
3)This is the logo of which famous OS? 4)"The trusted choice for online business".This is the tagline of which tech company?
5) "Welcome to the Dungeon © 1986 ------- (pvt) Ltd. BRAIN COMPUTER SERVICES 730 NIZAM BLOCK ALLAMA IQBAL TOWN LAHORE-PAKISTAN PHONE: 430791,443248,280530. Beware of this VIRUS.... Contact us for vaccination..."Why are these sentence famous?
6)This company initially manufactured Hanafuda cards.Identify this company?
7)Identify 8)"Lets catch up" is the tagline of which Indian social networking website?
9)This is whose mascot & also tell the name of the mascot? 10)What is the name of the new layout changes made in Youtube?

A PC with 1 TB RAM !!!

SGI’s ‘Personal Supercomputer’ Handles 80 Cores, 1TB of RAM

5 Most Expensive Laptops Ever

Here's the list of 5 Most expensive laptops ever!!!

1)Luvaglio Laptop
Luvaglio Laptop is the Most Expensive Laptop in the world worth 1 Million Dollars ($10,00,000) and they provide flexibility for the buyer as they were allowed to customize it to his/her choice of leathers, precious metals and even real woods. It is designed in a dynamic way that it allows the upgrades for component without much trouble. It has 128 GB solid state drive, MP3 player, a built in USB stick and “integrated screen cleaning feature” as well.

2)Tulip E-Go Diamond Laptop
Tulip E-Go Diamond Laptop is one of the World’s Most Desired luxury Laptop. The chrome handle and rounded curves reminds us the casual Ladies handbag.It is one of the Most Expensive Laptop worth around half a million dollars ($3,55,000). It has a 12 inch anti-glare display, 2GB of RAM, 160GB hard drive with integrated webcam, Bluetooth 2.0, and DVD burner.

3)Ego for Bentley : $ 20,000
The Ego for Bentley is one of the Most Expensive Laptop in …

BUTT recognition to start your cars... Simple Silly !!