Go Anonymous!!!

Well,most of you  go anonymous using incognito of chrome or PRIVATE BROWSING feature of IE.But are u really anonymous? No,u are not.Your ISP still knows which website u are visiting & from where.These features only don't store temporary file or simply saying delete ur history.Hence u are not really anonymous.
The solution to this?U can use these.They are truly anonymous!!!
Tor Browser
Tor is a “free software and an open network” that basically defends you against network surveillance or traffic analysis.To allow anonymous surfing, this open-source tool re-routes network traffic through Tor nodes, which are Tor-running computers owned by volunteers from all over the world. Not only does Tor bring anonymous internet surfing to your browser, it can also hide your country of origin for any application, prevent websites from tracking users.

Proxify is a non-free, single-serving website that enable users to communicate more anonymously on the Internet.
Although free searches are offered, a message may appear: Proxify is experiencing higher than normal traffic volume. We must restrict access to our free service during peak usage times to ensure the best possible experience for paid subscribers. Please login to your account or signup for immediate access.
Because it uses the HTTPS protocol, it can be considered to be secure to eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks.
By browsing the web through this service, the majority of the blocked websites you want to go to can be accessed again. 
Vtunnel is here to help you get to the websites you want to go to online. Many organizations these days block access to sites like myspace, gmail, even google search! I find that claiming that filters are there to keep schoolkids learning rather than goofing off, and then going ahead and blocking a primary means of research such as google search, is hypocritical and even dangerous. Thanks to sites like this one however, you can fight back and access the web the way it was meant to be accessed.


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