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Quiz Time 114

1.Identify this application-
2.Founded by Sunny Balijepalli, it is a website that allows you to build and print personalized 'photobooks' and do all the creativity stuffs with photos. Identify the recently launched website.
3.Identify the game from the screenshot-

4.X is a privately held Internet Domain Registrar and Web Hosting company founded by Bob Parsons.Identify X.
5.The movie 'Takedown' is a fictionalised account of which legendary hacker's capture by FBI?
6.Who is called as a 'googleganger'?
7.Put Funda-

8.Identify this app-

Automobile Quiz - 1

1. Identify this incredible personality. ( Had to be the very first question )

2.On the occasion of BMW Motorrads 90th anniversary the creation of which concept bike was announced that is all set to release at the Competition of Elegance of Villa d'Este ?

3.Which is Mexico's first ever completely self grown sophisticated sports car ?

5.Which bike's name translates to 'Peregrine Falcon ' , a bird marveled for it's exceptional speed ?

6. In the movie Cars , which famous car does the character 'Lizzie' portray ?

7.Identify this super car which can reach a speed of 100 km / hr in just 2.4 seconds !

8.Which companys founder  designed the first modern petrol driven internal combustion engine for a car ?

9.Identify this best selling car which is named after an African antelope.

10.In the movie Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi cars belonging to which brand were seen being raced with by Ashok Kumar and Kishore Kumar ?

Post your answers in the comments section.

Quiz Time 113

1.Which OS that was never released supposedly donned this UI ?

2.Which tech giant recently acquired the popular blogging platform Tumblr for 1.1 billion USD ?

3.Identify this amazing astronaut who became the first ever to record a music video while is space with his rendition of 'Space Oddity'.

4.What is the name of the thumb-pc being developed by Dell that could turn any display into a smart device called ?

5.Name the highly backed Kickstarter project of an HMD device invented by Palmer Lucky.

6.Which application developed by Tencent Holdings was initially launched as Weixin in 2011?

7.What is the name of the free image editor released by Adobe for the Windows 8 platform ?

8.What is the name of the on-demand subscription music service launched by Google at this year's I/O ?

9.What is the brand of lenses produced by the Nikon corporation called ?

10.What are Amaro , Nashville , Hudson , Inkwell and Walden ?

The Making of Post-war Manchester symposium and a new presentation on airports and heliports

On the 8th May I co-organised a successful one-day symposium looking at urban change in post-war Manchester, with a focus on infrastructure projects and major government plans in the three decades from 1945. Well over a hundred people attended the event and heard a fascinating sets of presentations from a range of geographers, historians, planners, architects and archaeologists, with well known professors, established scholars and new researchers speaking.

The intellectual objectives and the programme of the symposium are given on the introductory slides and other details for the day were laid out for participants in a nice little printed booklet which Richard Brook and myself put together. You can also look through the slides for many of the talks given on the PostwarMcr blog. The symposium was made possible with financial support from Cities@Manchester initiative and the Campion Fund of the Ma…

Brand Quotient 3

1. Which company does the service belong to?

2. Who owns this social network?

3.Identify this service

4. X was started as 'Hinckley-Tandy Leather Company' by Norton Hinckley and Dave L. Tandy. Identify X.

5. Identify the Telecom major-

6. Relate the image below to an IT major-

7. X was founded by William J. Kathrein. It now owns telecom companies like MCI Inc., Vodafone Italy, Diamond State Telephone. Identify X.

8. It is an American provider of on-demand Internet streaming media, lead by Reed Hastings. Which company am I talking about?

Tough Time 12

1. Which IT major can you relate this picture with?