Tough Time 12

1. Which IT major can you relate this picture with?

2. X is a company founded by Y, who is also one of the founders of Paypal. On 25 May 2012 it became worlds first privately held company to send a cargo payload, carried on Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station. Identify X and Y.

3. Whats this?

4. This project was founded by Dr Adrian Bowyer in 2005. Its an initiative to build a 3D Printer which can print most of its own components. Which Project am I talking about?

5. Identify 

6. Where would you find an 'average explorer', 'a cunning escape artist', 'a cop with an attitude', 'the second greatest explorer ever' and 'a football start'?

7.What feature was developed under the codename Project Titan for the Facebook users?

8. X was invented due to the study that 'a typist needs a relatively as long as 0.75 sec to shift the hand from the keyboard to the mouse, and comparable time to shift back'. Identify X. 


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