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Concept Phones

These are some of the weirdest concept phones that i could find on the web.Check it out!

Snake Phone  Having a phone that can wrap around your wrist or arm could be useful, especially if you're prone to losing things. But that doesn't mean anyone would want the snake-phone created by Product Visionaires curled around their entire arm. Imagine unwrapping one of these things if you get a call. Yikes! Shrink the design down to a manageable size, and this phone would probably be a hit with people who frequent the gym. Hidden Displays  In another take on the flexibility of OLED, some concepts point toward using rollable displays to create small phones with large screen sizes. This one, designed by Tao Ma, was apparently inspired by one of humankind's finer creations: the D battery. Nokia Morph  When Nokia conceptualized the Morph cell phone, it wanted to show how nanotechnology could radically change portable electronics. The Morph is made of transparent and flexible material, is sel…

Email more popular than social Networking in India!!

India is the second most highly populated country in the world, and internet is becoming more widely available across the country. A former colony of the British Empire, the country has been growing politically, socially and economically stronger in recent years, and internet usage figures are reflecting this transition for the country. Almost 1.2 billion people lived in India during 2010, and this number is still increasing. Global research firm Ipsos has found that the majority of the Indian population continue to use email to communicate and converse, favoring it over the social networks which have grown more popular elsewhere in the world. This news was first reported on by the India Times. According to the results garnered by Ipsos, approximately 68% of internet-connected people across India use email as a form of networking. In comparison, they estimate around 60% of the population with internet connections to make use of social networks. Estimates from within the industry have es…

Quiz Time 47

1)Who is he and why was he in news recently?

2)Which website is popularly called the twitter of China?

3)What is this feature of Google called?

Former Google Employee says why Microsoft is better than Google...

Earlier this month, former Microsoft and Google employee James Whittaker made waves on the Internet when he revealed why he left Google suddenly to rejoin Microsoft.Writing on his blog site, he stated that in his opinion, Google had changed in the time he worked there from a company dedicated to innovation to "an advertising company with a single corporate-mandated focus." Now Whittaker has written yet another blogpost that is basically the opposite side of his journey; namely, why he decided to rejoin Microsoft, this time as a web futurist. So why come back to a big company like Microsoft, when a smaller organization could possibly be a bigger fit? Whittaker states that one of the reasons is having lots of talented people. He states:The talent at big companies is abundant. That reason alone should explain anyone's choice to work for any big company. Who doesn't want to be surrounded by smart people all day? That's why startups work so hard to hire big company tale…

All about Blogs

1.What did it create?

2.Who coined the term blog?

3.Name a micro-blogging site that has been very reasonably named after a Japanese form of poetry.

4.  Identify!                                                                

5.Name the famous site created by Brad Fitzpatrick which is often known as the social network of blogs.

6.Identify this search engine for blogs!

7.What is this?

8.How do we know 'b2/cafe log' and 'invader' in today's world better?
9.Who wrote this to whom and why?

10.Name this IT superstar.

Quiz Time 46

1)Identify the game?

2)Which famous tech personality  gave the concept of OLPC(One Laptop per child)?


4)Walter Bright is the creator of which computer programming language?

5)Who is he?

6)What is this?

7)Which technology has been described as  ‘pixel density is so high your eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels’?

8)This is the logo of which company?

9)"Heaven Blesses Hard work" is  the meaning of the name of which famous Japanese company?


Can RTR maintain the Cinderella magic?

by John Smith-Ricco

Despite the obvious duplicability of its business model, Rent the Runway has aggressively protected its position as first-mover through investment in technology and operations management. Providing women with the “Cinderella” moments that accompany wearing otherwise inaccessible designer dresses may be Jen and Jenny’s mission, but their company’s expertise lies in the less sexy areas of inventory management, quality control and maintaining high utilization rates of each garment.

Rent the Runway was the case I anticipated the most as a student in Launching Tech Ventures. The RTR story is wonderfully hopeful, a feel-good MBA cautionary tale on the type of success risk-averse capitalists might miss out on by taking the safe route [insert finance/consulting/CPG career path here]. Rent the Runway has the potential to democratize the world of luxury ready-to-wear. However, in order to maintain the “magic” and keep would-be competitors at bay, RTR must avoid becoming TJ M…

HP to merge PC and printer sections...

While rumors about this move hit the Internet on Tuesday, it became official today. HP has announced that it will be merging its Imaging and Printing Group (IPG) with its Personal Systems Group (PSG), also known as HP's PC division, into one large group. The new subsection of HP will be called the Printing and Personal Systems Group and will be led by the now former PSG head Todd Bradley. Bradley was previously the CEO of Palm and has been with HP since 2005;HP later acquired palm in 2010. Vyomesh Joshi, who led the Imaging and Printing Group, won't be staying with HP after the merger is complete. The press release states he will retire after 31 years of working with the company. HP will also be making other smaller organizational changes that includes consolidating its various marketing divisions under one roof and merging its communications groups as well. HP said all of these moves will "provide opportunities for cost savings." However, the company did not announce a…

Quiz Time 45

1)What is this?

2)Connect Hon Hai to Apple?

3)Who is he and he is famous for developing which game?

4)The logo is that of a game publisher based in Japan.It was formed by the merger of two very famous companies.You have to identify both the companies.

Hint-Pac-Man 5)This is the logo of which telecom company?

6)Samsung : Super AMOLED then LG : ? Hint-LG Sol
7)Pre and Pixi as well as the Treo and Centro are the range of smart phones from which company?
9)What is Music GENOME project?
10)What is this port called?

Rocket Internet – Clone Factory or Execution Champion?

by Paul Chong

Last Thursday, Oliver Samwer, co-founder of Rocket Internet, visited HBS campus with the purpose of luring talented MBAs away from traditional careers in consulting and banking, and instead, join one of his many internet startups around the world. In the lecture theatre, it was standing-room only, with over a hundred students packing in to hear Oliver speak. After a thirty minute rant, Oliver openly took questions from the audience. Despite the constant barrage that Rocket has recently received in the media, it was difficult not to feel at least some respect for the achievements Rocket has made over the last five years.

To understand the furor and attention that Rocket has attracted, it is important to first understand its business model. From its website, Rocket is a self-proclaimed VC fund; but that doesn’t quite capture the full gambit of its activities. Perhaps more accurately, Rocket could be described as an execution machine, dealing in business model arbitrage…

Three things a PM needs to succeed in a B2B company

by Jenny Hepworth

The other day we had Ben Foster, VP of Product Management and User Experience at OPOWER come talk to us. It was a useful discussion, and got me thinking about some of the differences between product management in a B2B versus B2C setting. Here I’ll discuss some of those differences, and the implications for product managers.
1. In B2C, your users don’t have to use your productThis is why there’s been so much crappy enterprise software built in the past. In a B2C space, everything you build has to be useful, useable and probably beautiful (though the most popular newspaper online, the Daily Mail proves this isn’t always necessary). If you fail to create a great experience, there’s plenty of other places your users can spend their time, in contrast with the B2B world where your audience is almost certainly captive once the product’s been sold.2. In B2B, you sell the product, in B2C it has to sell itself (nearly)In B2B you’ll likely have multiple contact points with poten…

Crossing Boundaries

by Jake Cusack

Amid the conversation of copycat start-ups and cloning vs. originality in emerging markets, there is a related but perhaps more ethically palatable opportunity to profit: transferring technologies across traditionally disconnected sectors and domains.

Some brief vignettes to frame this discussion:
A historic example is how Palantir took the fraud-detection techniques developed for complicated datasets at PayPal and founded a separate company that improves counterterrorism and intelligence analytical methodologies. A future example, I believe, could be taking social media analytical tools developed for marketing and brand management firms and using them as a tool for making investment decisions at fundamental value-based investment firms. 
The long-standing divisions between the public and private sectors, between emerging and developed markets, have limited transfer of relevant niche technologies. These divisions become even more dramatic when examining the divide between …

Super Computers

1.Name this great computer pioneer.

2.Padma and Yuva are ranges of super computers belonging to which series?

3.Name the fastest supercomputer operating in India and name it's parent organisation.

4."Game Over" is a film based on which famous event?

5..Which amazingly fast supercomputer's name means 10 quadrillion?

6.Name the award winning project started by IBM which aims at making a super computer which will achieve the speed of 200 petaflops with 15 times less power consumption.

7.Name the supercomputer built by NEC which evaluated the effects of global warming by running global climatic models.


9.What is this?

10.Name the super computer present in NSC,China whose name in English translates to Milky Way?