Quiz Time 47

1)Who is he and why was he in news recently?

2)Which website is popularly called the twitter of China?

3)What is this feature of Google called?

Hint-It allows users to type in their local language.

4)For AMD's Opteron server CPUs and platforms, cities related to which sporting team were used as code names?

5)This is the logo of which website?

6)This google doodle was to commemorate which famous scientist?

7)"X" is a secret facility run by Google thought to be located somewhere in the Northern California."X' is rumored to be working on future technologies like space elevator & self-driving car.
Identify X?

8)Name Microsoft's new software that is like an intelligent search engine which collects, organizes and curates your virtual life?

9)Which term is used to describe an ideal situation in which all electronic devices contain an  embedded device which fully integrates them with the web and hence they function as smart objects.Identify the term?

10)Identify him


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