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TCS IT Wiz 2013 Bhubaneswar Prelims

1.What is the online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing sotware from Citrix called?
2.Identify the person associated with this who is the founder of Intel
3.It is often used as a measure of computer operating system reliability or stability.It measures the time of a machine, typically a computer, has been working and available.Which term ?
4.In the context of disaster recovery,what is th maximum tolerable length of time that a computer, system, network, or application can be down after a failure or disaster occurs?
5.Identify the company
6.Lenovo, Paypal and few other companies have launched this alliance with the goal of revolutionizing online authentication with an industry-supported,standards-based open protocol that not only makes users more secure but is also easy and convenient to use.What is it ?
7.Web OS, is a mobile operating system that was earlier owned by HP.It has been acquired by which company now ?
8.Identify this logo
9.What is the action of recording the keys st…

TCS IT Wiz 2013 Pune Prelims

1. Which celebrity became the first Indian to cross 1 million follower mark on Twitter ?
2. Which site makes users copy another persons photos and put them on instagram as their own?
3. nexGTv is a mobile application,which  provides access to live TV channels and video on demand on handsets. This app allowed people to watch videos of one of the largest events in human history this year. Which event ?
4. Identify this CEO of a famous mobile company
5. Which famous company did  Sanjay Mehrotra form, headquartered at  Milpitas, california, this company produces what are today known as pendrives?
6. We all say Giga bye. Now this is 10 to power how much ?
7. In the world of books what is the full form of ISBN ?
8. Identify this logo such that before the .ly a meaningful word is formed?
9. Identify this logo
10. Sometimes advertisements on the net have virus in them,that is you might think it is a genuine ad but in real it is a virus. identify this term.
11. TCS has been in the news due to its acquis…