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Quiz Time 93

1.Which game was designed by 'Guinsoo' , 'Icefrog' and 'Eul' ?

2.Which very popular website bearing the tagline "Define your World" was created by a computer science major named Aaron Peckham?

3.'Chase' was the first video game that could be played on a television set.Who designed this game?

4.Which search engine uses a technology called RankDex which is said to have been developed much earlier than Google's PageRank system?

5.Which company launched this campaign for the rights of gay people?

6.Which website created a parody of Wikipedia's blackout against SOPA with the following lines "Imagine a World Without Lolcats, Bronies, and other complete stupidity."?

7.Who invented a device called ETM for a census in USA?

8.Which company founded by Matt Mullenweg owns the blogging service,Wordpress and also makes many blogging aids?

9.What in the Bantu language means "Towards Humanity"?

10.Who remain the only two women to be awarded…

Quiz Time 92

1)Id the programming language?