HP to merge PC and printer sections...

While rumors about this move hit the Internet on Tuesday, it became official today. HP has announced that it will be merging its Imaging and Printing Group (IPG) with its Personal Systems Group (PSG), also known as HP's PC division, into one large group.
The new subsection of HP will be called the Printing and Personal Systems Group and will be led by the now former PSG head Todd Bradley. Bradley was previously the CEO of Palm and has been with HP since 2005;HP later acquired palm in 2010.
Vyomesh Joshi, who led the Imaging and Printing Group, won't be staying with HP after the merger is complete. The press release states he will retire after 31 years of working with the company.
HP will also be making other smaller organizational changes that includes consolidating its various marketing divisions under one roof and merging its communications groups as well. HP said all of these moves will "provide opportunities for cost savings." However, the company did not announce any plans yet to lay off employees as a result of these division mergers.
This is just the latest change at HP since its newest CEO Meg Whitman took overleading the company in September


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