Quiz Time 113

1.Which OS that was never released supposedly donned this UI ?

2.Which tech giant recently acquired the popular blogging platform Tumblr for 1.1 billion USD ?

3.Identify this amazing astronaut who became the first ever to record a music video while is space with his rendition of 'Space Oddity'.

4.What is the name of the thumb-pc being developed by Dell that could turn any display into a smart device called ?

5.Name the highly backed Kickstarter project of an HMD device invented by Palmer Lucky.

Which application developed by Tencent Holdings was initially launched as Weixin in 2011?                                       

7.What is the name of the free image editor released by Adobe for the Windows 8 platform ?

8.What is the name of the on-demand subscription music service launched by Google at this year's I/O ?

9.What is the brand of lenses produced by the Nikon corporation called ?

10.What are Amaro , Nashville , Hudson , Inkwell and Walden ?



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