1)X was started by Intel in July 2007.In April 2009 Intel turned X over to the Linux Foundation. Subsequently, X was merged with Maemo, becoming MeeGo. 
Identify X ?

2)What is this and why is it famous?

I modified it a bit.But with a little ingenuity,u can surely guess it1

3)X develops 
and sell smartphones with the mobile Linux operating system.The company's name means "a small boat" in Finnish. Identify X ?

4)Who is he and why is he famous?(nt open source but think open content)

5)Which open source alternative to WinZip was developed by Igor Pavlov in 1999 ?

6) X is
 an annual program, first held in 2005, in which  stipends (of $5000) are awarded to students who successfully complete a requested free and open-source software coding project during the summer.The event draws its name from the 1967 Summer of Love.

Identify X ?

7)Wilber the coyote is the logo of which opensource software ?

8)Id this software

Wine logo
9)Identify this opensource software developed by NASA ?

10)Identify the device and why is it famous
Neo 1973 smartphone.jpg


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