Tech Fiction 2

1.Captain Kirk introduced this device in the Star Trek franchise.It laid down the inspiration for a real life device but still remains unachieved as far as it's technology is concerned.The following badge certified a fleet member to be equipped with the device.Identify the reel as well as the real life device being talked about.

2.Which arm of the Canadian government is responsible for the creation of Wolverine and Sabretooth ?

3.What was the name of the portable cassette player and recorder manufacture by Tiger electronics that was used  by Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone : 2 ?

4.What would you call a telephone that gives a particular number  more priority than other numbers at any time?(This concept is extensively used by companies nowadays)

5.What is the name of the computer system developed by Cyberdyne Systems as a 'Global Defense Network' that serves as the main antagonist in the TERMINATOR franchise?

6.Name the most famous device belonging to the race of the 'Time Lords'?

7.Who own's a Quadruplex T-3000 computer which he hides behind his bookshelf and addresses to as 'his love'?



9.The concept was popularised in the film Goldeneye.It's precursor was a telescope like device called Wonder Tube.It was also seen in the Bollywood movie Baadshah.Which concept is being talked about here?

10.Which film is centred around a device called  Portable Automated Somnacin IntraVenous device?



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