Quiz Time 99

1)X was found in  an unused Matsushita plant in 1947. Initially it  used  to make bicycle generator lamps.
 it made Japan's first plastic radio and in 1954 Japan's first pulsator-type washing machine.
Identify X ?

2)Which revolutionary technology was invented by physicist Dennis Gabor for which was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971 ?

3)What is this ?

a linden dollar

4)Which is the world's largest tech fair which is held in Hanover,Germany every year ?

5)The term "artificial reality", was coined by whom ?

6)"Global Domination Through Media Saturation" This is the slogan of which hacking organization ?

7) Sprawl trilogy novels are famous early cyberpunk novels by whom ?

8)identify him ?

9) X is roughly the size of a small bulldozer and weighs about 2.25 tons.It is used for clearing obstacles, removing explosives, hauling cargo.Its name is same as that of a popular Taiwanese company. Id X  and the company which makes it ?

10)id and he is credited with inventing which ubiquitious thing ?


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