Mozilla Firefox 7: Released

Mozilla Foundation has released its upgrade to Firefox 6. Today it has released the Mozilla Firefox 7. Firefox 7 has been aimed at reducing the gluttonous use of RAM, which was found in its earlier versions.released under the Memshrink project it will reduce upto 50 percent as said by Mozilla, the non profit organisation that manufactures Firefox.

This newer version will reduce the likelihood of crashing and would provide a better and faster performance.The Version 7 will have adds new developer tools, more graphics hardware acceleration and an option i  reporting tool to let Mozilla know about usage problems.

Mozilla claims that not only has start up speed improved, but also tab opening, menus and buttons on the websites. It also claims the the heavy internet users will enjoy enhanced performance when lots of tabs and open and during long web browsing sessions, that last hours.

Firefox 7 also brings speed to some HTML5 content by using the computer's graphics hardware to accelerate Canvas, a specification for screen drawing used by Web animations and games such as Angry Birds and Runfield, a sample HTML5 game Mozilla cited in the blog post. 


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