1. Owned by Brain Wong, it is a mobile advertising network that enables brands and companies to prompt consumers for commercial offers on virtual achievement. Identify the company.

2. Identify him-


3. Which popular photo sharing social network was started by Stewart Butterfield?

4. It was started by Senh Doung in 1998 with a purpose to create a site where people can get access to reviews from variety of critics in the US. Identify it.

5.'Where art meets application' is the tagline of which social network?

6. Name this application-

7. Who designed the windows 8 logo?

8. What on earth are Tanooki suit and Fire flower?

9. Identify this location and navigation giant-

10. Which term describes the hobby of playing and collecting older personal computers, consoles and arcade video games?

11. Rajiv Bapna in 1984 started this company as 'Allied Electronics and Magnetics Limited' . How do we know this company today?

12. 'We Read' is a social boom discovery tool by which famous .com?

13. According to, Chinese supercomputer Tianhe-2is currently the world's fastest. What does the word Tianhe mean?

14. Identify this to be launched hand held gaming console-

15. Which person is credited for making the worlds first digital diary?

16. In 1980's the Integrated Services Digital Network(ISDN) used the term to refer to primary internet speeds more than 1.5-2 Mbps. Which term did they use?

17. X was patented by WG Ruggles as the Ruggles Orientator. Its substantial development was started by Bruce Artwick in 1977 through his company called SubLOGIC. SubLOGIC for the first time  licensed X to Microsoft for commercial use. Identify X.

18. 'POEM'- Personal Office Energy Monitor is a technology that will help office buildings to be more energy efficient. It basically contains a desktop application which observes the energy usage and a back-end system that statistically stores the data. Which IT corporation came up with this project?

19. Which global organisation has declared that it will preserve every single tweet posted on Twitter for posterity?

20. X was an Austro-American actor and mathematician who holds the patent of Frequency Hopping, that backed the modern day technologies like Wifi, GPS and many other mobile communications. Name X.


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