Catechize-Prelim Answers

Thanks for the splendid response. The results will be out today by midnight.
Six top scorers qualify for the finals and the finals will be held on 1st August.

Here are the answers to the Catechize-Prelims-
1. Kiip
2. Saul Bass
3. Flickr
4. Rotten Tomatoes
5. Deviant Art
6. WUBI(Windows based Ubuntu Installer)
7. Paula Scher
8. Mario PowerUps
9. TomTom
10. Retrogaming or Old house gaming
11. Amkette
12. Flipkart
13. Milky Way
14. Nvidia Shield
15. Sam Pitroda
16. Broadband
17. Flight Simulator
18. Intel
19. Library of Congress
20. Hedy Lamarr


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