Google in search of a full time Doodler...

First impressions matter,” says the company. “Every day, hundreds of millions of online users visit the Google homepage. Yes, to search. But also, to be delighted, informed and surprised (and maybe even to laugh a little). The Google Doodle makes this possible – it’s the change that is constant on” Clearly, the role of the doodle in building a connection between Google and its users cannot be overstated.
Since the first appearance of a doodle back in 1998, these fun and creative representations of the Google logo that occasionally appear on its homepage are a welcome feature to its users, and the company itself appreciates the role that Doodles play in its global recognition.
Such is the importance of the graphics that the company has now decided to hire a full time Doodler
So if you have a keen sense of humor, you keep interest in historical and imaginative artistry then you can earn some serious bucks.
It will be your responsibility to draw, design and – if appropriate – animate each doodle from start to finish. You'll need to keep things fresh and extraordinary, naturally, so "a wide range of artistic styles" is expected. Your work, says the company, will be displayed on "the world’s best platform to showcase your stylistic skills”.


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