Quiz Time 41

1)Which famous technology company's first product was a rice pressure cooker?
(Ans is totally unexpected .I didn't believe at first :P but its true

Da Vinci's Notebook. 

Hint1-The connect is a famous tech personality.
Hint 2-Codex Leicester

3)This is the morse code symbol for what "· · · — — — · · ·" ?

4)Identify him and he pioneered which technology?

5)What is the storage medium developed by Sony and is used in PSP.It has a capacity of upto 1.8GB

6)Who is he and he founded which company?

Hint-Its a Dutch company.


Hint-The 1st pic is to confuse u :P Nevertheless you can logically connect it by using last two.

8)Which company currently owns the Bell Labs? It was earlier owned by At&t.

     Compact disc.svg
Hint-See hint only if u need it for it destroys the beauty of the question.
White Book,Scarlet book,Orange book,etc

10)If 8 bits is a byte then what is 4 bit better known as?

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