TCS IT Wiz 2013 Ahmedabad Prelims

1. The 'Electronics Project Proposal System(e-PPS)', co-developed by The Department of Electronics and Information Technology and C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) was launched by which renowned personality?
Ans- Kapil Sibal
2.  Which company in November,2012 partnered with Alaska Airlines and Kaggle offered $500,000 to data scientists, professionals or enthusiasts  who can accurately predict when a flight will land and arrive at the airport by the study of  data on weather, flight plans, air-traffic control and past flight performances?
Ans- General Electric

3. Which French multinational received huge attention due to the CEO’s proposal of ‘Zero e-mail policy’- A ban on e-mail all through the organization?
Ans- ATOS (CEO-Thierry Bretton)   
4. Identify the logo-

Ans- Uncyclopaedia

5. Expand SSD.
Ans- Solid State Drive
6. Identify this widely used locomotive device-


Ans- Segway

 7. Expand DRM.

Ans- Digital Rights Management

8. What in the world of IT has been inspired by legendary Basketball player Larry Bird?

Ans- The logo of Twitter

9.What in the world of technology was created by Christopher Lotham Sholes in early 1970’s?

Ans- QWERTY keyboard layout

10. Expand ENIAC.

Ans- Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer

11. Logo of which initiative-

Ans- IBM Smarterplanet

 12. What is the significance of this image?


Ans- An April fool prank by Google in which Google maps appeared in the form of maps meant for treasure hunt.

13. Administered by Educational Testing Service(ETS) it is a standardized test required for admissions into many graduate schools in the US and in other English-speaking countries. Name it.

Ans- GRE

14. It is defined as the step by step procedure of solving a problem. Whose definition is this?

Ans- Algorithm

15.This is the very first tweet of which former American president?

Just spent amazing time with Colbert!
Is he sane?
He is cool! #cgiu

Ans- Bill Clinton

16. It is a type of Internet bot that aims to vote automatically in online polls, often in a malicious manner. It attempts to act like a human, but conduct voting in an automated manner in order to impact the result of the poll. What is being talked about here?

Ans- Votebot

17. It is defined as the smallest addressable element in a display device and is derived from the words ‘picture’ and ‘element’. What am I talking about?

Ans- Pixel

18. Which Indian bank has introduced a prepaid digital wallet called ‘Mobicash Easy’?

Ans- State Bank of India

19. Which Indian city was declared as the e-commerce hub of the country on the basis of a survey conducted by e-bay?

Ans- New Delhi

20. Identify X.

AUSTRALIAN design duo Sass and Bide may have picked a fight with American rapper P Diddy after claiming to have put on the first-ever ‘X’ fashion show. 

The Sydney-based team of Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton say their Friday night London Fashion Week show was the first to be posted live on ‘X’, with each look shared as the models hit the runaway.

But P Diddy, real name Sean Combs, begs to differ.
He claimed last week that to honor New York Fashion Week he was doing something that had "never been done before'' by taking his label to the "social media runway'' of ‘X’.

Ans- Instagram



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