TCS IT Wiz 2013 Ahmedabad Finals

1st Round - Data Clouds
1. This revolutionized the computer gaming industry. Simplicity through technology was the key. What was this game? 


2. X is a folk of the Debian project's code-base. X was first released in October 2004. What is X?


3.The codename of this was 'emerald sea' and was named after a painting. What?


4. Known famously as the Blue Box. Who created it? 

Ans-Steve Wozniak

5. His other big venture Blue Origin wants to develop space hotels and amusement parks for the people. Which Person?

Ans-Jeff Bezos

6. What does this picture depict?

Ans- Christopher Latham Sholes making the QWERTY typewriter.

2nd Round - Big Data Visualization 
1. The hints were-
  • Image of Rory Read.
  • The future is fusion.
  • Advanced Micro Devices.

2. The hints were-
  • Inspiring Innovation. Persistent Perfection.
  • Image of Jerry Shen. 

3. The hints were-
  • Imangi Studios.
  • Image of an Old Temple.
  • Image of creators of Temple Run.
Ans-Cambodia(Pick Brain asked to connect all these to a country)

4. The hints were-
  • Kijiji.
  • 1995.
 Ans- e-bay

5. The hints were-
  • Netcast Entertainment.
  • 1958.
  • Zenith.

6. The hints were-
  • Service Games.
  • 1940.

3rd Round - @TCS
1. The earlier name of this creation by TCS was _________. It is currently known as 'TCS code generator framework'. What are we talking about?

(Choices-TCS Bancs, Mastercraft, Phoenix)


2. This man is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad. He worked in Tata Industries...(BUZZ)

Ans-Rajesh Gopinath

3. Professor EC Subbarao a renowned material scientist and a distinguished academician in India was the founding director of which illustrious TCS subsidiary?

(Choices- Computer Maintenance Corporation, TRTDC)


4. This leading operator of restaurants in the United Kingdom includes brands like Hollister, Metro Professionals has tied up with TCS to optimize its human resources and also to create a cloud based platform solution. Which UK based company am I talking about?

(Choices- Mitchells and Butlers, Bakes and Breads, Marks and Spencers)

Ans- Mitchells and Butlers

4th Round - Internet Of Things (IOT)  
In this round some audio-visuals were provided on screen and they had to be connected to give out a single answer.


Ans- Foxconn

2. Connect-

-The video of a person talking about Bell Labs.

Ans- C programming language

3. Connect-

- Cabbage King


4. Connect-

Ans- Paul Allen (Microsoft)

The 5th round Pin trust can be seen from this video - Click Here

Youtube video for 

1st Round - Click Here

2nd Round - Click Here

3rd,4th and 5th Round - Click Here


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