Automobile Quiz 3

1. Revolucion is the new car from whose stable? 

2. Iron Man Tony Stark. what vehicle is he seen around driving recently?

3. How is Chetan Maini related to Mahindra? 

4. Which is the official car for motogp 2013 season? 

5. How has Sumant Moolgaokar been immortalised in the tg Indian Auto-mobile industry? 

6. The name of which car brand means "Great House" or "Great Universe" in Korean..?

7.  Which aviation giant started originally as Pacific Aero Products Co.?

8.  Indian Army cancelled their order for Which automobile model by Mahindra?

9. "Ishibashi" is the inspiration behind the naming of which tyre manufacturer? 

10.  Which automobile accessories brand was founded in 1923 under the name "Ideal"..? 


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