Quiz Time 116

1)Id him
Кевин Митник ctqxfc.jpg

2) Id the full name of this book and the author From Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer.

3)Id this fiction character appearing in a very famous movie
HAL's camera eye

4)This is the symbol of which device
It is being developed by HP and when implemented it will increase storage capacity of hard drives exponentially.

5)This is an emerging branch in the field of robotics which aims to analyse interactions between the robots and interactions of robots with the environment.This approach has its origin from biological studies of insects, ants and other fields in nature. Id this field of research?

6)Roger L. Easton is credited to be the inventor of what?

7)USA : GPS  then Europe: ?

8)This is a remote controlled German-engineered demolition vehicle made during the WII(can't believe it)
What was it called?

9)What in the world of technology was invented by Professor Venkatesan Renugopalakrishnan ?

Seattle Mariners logo.svg    Wii U Console and Gamepad.png

PS:-Comparison of supercomputers with human Brain :P

Sorry for the long wait.I was busy with the board and entrance exams. But now i am back and i will be posting regularly.


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