Quiz Time 105

1.Identify this internet icon.


2.This is the image of the classic Intel 4004.What does the 'F.F' in the picture refer to?


3.What would you call a modified console used for non-gaming activities or other 'unofficial' purposes ?

4.Whom did Valve refer to as 'Ivan-The Space Biker' ?

5.Which two internet giants created a media player called 'Synapse 1.01' in their high school years?

6.What is the famous and badly translated catch phrase of the famous game Zero Wing ?

7.Which famous word traces it's origin to this play?


8.What in the world of Social Media was initially known as 'Burbn' ?

9.What that is found in the lands of Wakanda was used to make Captain America's shield ?

10.Hangar 18  and Area 51 are products from which company?


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