Quiz Time - 98

1.Which OS guru owns the blog "Building Windows 8" ?

2.Who posted this tweet which was recently a trending debating topic?   


3.Whose initiative is this?


4.Who holds the position of 'Chief Internet Evangelist' at Google ?

5.Which company was started by Subash Arora , Badam Kishore , Arun Kumar and others as Microcomp Ltd. ?

6.After acquiring which company is Airtel believed to have been inspired and changed it's logo?

7.Who said this,"The best thing that happened to me was joining Intel and the best thing that happened to me was leaving Intel" ?

8.Which company's first product was a ring called the 'Yubiwa' pipe ?

9.Who once counted all the broken panes of glass in a factory and published a thesis subsiquently titled,"Table of the relative frequency of the causes of breakage of Plate Glass windows"?

10.Touchatag is a RFID service developed by which company?


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