Quiz Time 97

1)Which iphone app helps find travel tariffs in indian autos?

2)Connect (hint: a term....)

3) From which 19th century word does the word 'ETHERNET' originate?

4)Whats the packet of information that travels between a browser and webserver called?

5)This is the first known application of which hardware??

6)International Mobile Telecommunications-Advanced (IMT-Advanced) is also known as?

7)Whats the venture from AOL that provides products and services including PC utilities, tech support, online learning, and diet and fitness programs?

8)Reportedly worked on at the lab is a list of 100 projects pertaining to future technologies such as a space elevatorself-driving caraugmented reality glassesa neural network that uses semi-supervised learning, enabling speech recognition and extraction of objects from video - for instance detecting if a cat is in a frame of video, and the Web of Things.
About which place or what research institute am i describing about?

9)Sansa series of portable media players are from which company??



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