Tough Time 9

1.'WWDC' is the annual developers conference of IT major?

2.'X' was made by Adam Nontadan and Neil Harbisson(A Color Blind artist) in England in 2003. It is a cybernetic body apparatus which fits into the wearers head and allows them to percieve colors through sound waves. Identify 'X'.

3.Which internet organization is headed by Fadi Chehade and was founded by Jon Postel?

4.Who has been credited as the Digital Equipment Manufacturer of the year 2010?

5.Which social networking website has now been acquired by GOOD (A collaborative magazine and event media company) and states itself as "to create a powerful online content and social engagement platform"?

6.Mobira Senator released in 1982 is the first mobile phone of which telecom giant? 



8. Identify


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