Tech Shake - Answers

BULLSEYE (1 mark )

Q1. X was created by Skype founders Niklas   Zennström. X  is an ad-free music subscription  service.Identify X ?Rdio 

Q2. Which error has been nicknamed the "Red Ring of Death", "Red Lights of Death" or "Red Ring of Doom" by users ? Xbox 360 red ring error

Q3. Who Says Elephants Can't Dance? is the memoir of which IT personality ?Louis V Gerstner(Former CEO of IBM)

Q4.Connect "Embrace.extend and exterminate" with an IT company.-Microsoft

Q5.Daniel Lyons worked as a senior editor at Forbes magazine and is now a writer at Newsweek. We, however, know him better as 'somebody else' who writes a popular blog. Who am I referring to?Fake Steve Jobs

Q6. Which was the first Hindi movie to be officially released on Kazaa, and users could download the movie after paying a certain amount of money?Supari

Q7.Predecessors of ‘X’ were known as ‘Backweb’ and ‘Pointcast’.Identify X.-RSS

Q8.This company was founded by Don Dodge. This company has gives the operating system for the Blackberry Playbook. Identify the company.-QNX systems

Q9.Which was the first registered domain name on the internet?

Q10.What is the claim to fame of Wylie Gustafson in the IT world?The Yahoo yodel

IDENTIFY (2 marks )



FasterFox(Firefox addon)





Monmouthopedia(first wikipedia town)


Soundjam MP 


1.Connect (device)

 ANS-The Adam Tablet

2.Connect (organisation)

ANS-The Legion Of Doom

3.Connect to a service.

 ANS-Jaxtr SMS

4.Connect to an entity.



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