TCS IT WIZ(2012) - Kochi Prelims

1.What was found at Stanford Research Istitute and incorporated into the iOS?

2.Identify the operating system.

3.Who is the author of the book "Only the paranoid survive"?

4.Godrej and Olympia are the sole manufacturers of which device in this world?(hint:it can be mostly found outside court rooms)

5.Which game made the writer Sam Lake or Sami Jarvi famous?

6.How is Multitech better known in this world?

7.Who manufactures the 'Me' range of laptops?

8.Name the two Seans behind Napster.

9.Identify the game.

10.This is an ad campaign for what?

11.This is an ad campaign for what?(hint:Think about the three dots)

 12.Name the famous software from Cowpland Research Limited.

13.Who owns DoubleClick and Motorola Mobility?

15.Who is the father of "Free Software Movement" ?

16.What is the process of adding a location of a Image,Media file Documents etc.(options:Metatagging , Geotagging)

17.It is a framework which won the Jolt productivity award and JAX innovation award in 2006.But it didn't gain much popularity.Which framework (options:ZHTML framework , Spring framework)

18.How do we better know "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Human Apart"?

19.What is the connection between Hotmail and Jaxtr ? (a famous Indian)

20.Identify the device.


2.Android 4.0
3.Andy Grove
5.Max Payne
7. HCL
8.Sean Parker and Sean Fanning
9.Temple Run
11.Samsung Galaxy S3
12.Corel Draw
14.Kaspersky Anti-virus
15. Richard Stallman
17.Spring Framework
19.  Sabeer Bhatia
20.Segway Rider 

Source: Britto Sabu


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