Quiz Time 91

2)Which company's  first logo is famously called as "blibbet" ?

3) Following its release, X caused a temporary shortage of 100-yen coins in Japan .It marked the beginning of golden age of video arcade games.The game grossed US$2 billion worldwide by 1982.
Identify the game ?
Hint:-one of the earliest shooting games

4)Identify this concept phone

5)Which company in 1957 launched the 1st entirely electric compact calculator ?

6)This is the old logo of which company ?
7)This guy is a member of Segway a sworn member of Free Masons and a big fan of tetris.He has a polish ancestry and is an alumni of University of California,Berkeley.Identify this famous person ?


 9)X was codenamed 'Lankku', Finnish for "a flat plank of wood".It was based on the Linux MeeGo "Harmattan" mobile operating system.Jolla the Finnish company continuing MeeGo smartphones manufacturing which employed almost the whole engenering team which has designed X
identify X ?

10)identify him

11)What is the official name of gchat ?


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