Quiz Time 81

1)He is the inventor of the handheld calculator and the thermal printer.He worked at Texas instruments and is the winner of Nobel Prize in Physics. Identify him ? 

2)Identify him

He is the first and only Indian to get  IEEE medal of Honour(as far as i know).Still no one knows him !

3)Who coined the term weblog and how do we popularly know it today ?

4)"Delivering lifestyle" is the tagline of which Indian e-commerce site ?

5)Id the logo

6)X was established by Mukesh Bansal & Ashutosh Lawania in February 2007.X is headquartered in Bangalore.
It deals in fashion and casual lifestyle products.
Identify X ?

is an online shopping service by which tech giant ?

8)Expand PDP and which company manufactured it ?

9)Identify him

10)What is the music-oriented social networking and recommender system service developed and operated by Apple popularly known as ?


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