Quiz Time 74

1).Which is the first device to use Android 4.0( Ice Cream Sandwich)?

2)He is famous for developing which programming language?

3)Recently,Hotmail.com was replaced by what by Microsoft?

4)Identify this iconic computer?
A Commodore 64 in 2012

5)They are the founders of which company?

6)This company produced a series of personal computers in the 1980s called MikroMikko, but sold that business in 1991 to focus on mobile phone production.Identify the company?

7)Identify him?

8)Wes Cherry is known for developing which famous game?

9)Originally designed for the Macintosh computer, the initial release was called "Presenter",.it was renamed to  due to problems with trademarks, the idea for the name coming from Robert Gaskins.
Identify this software?

10)The Dot,Hoverbot,The Genius,Office Logo,Mother Nature,Power Pup are what ?


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