Our chapter on Manchester as a 'hydraulic city' read through original maps and plans of water supplies and sewage systems has been published in a new edited book Mapping Cultures: Place, Practice, Performance (Palgrave). The book is a useful collection of pieces relating to spatial representation and aspects of urbanity, expertly pulled together by Les Roberts.

You can read an uncorrected pageproof version of the chapter, 'Maps, Memories and Manchester: The Cartographic Imagination of the Hidden Networks of the Hydraulic City'. Below is an example of the kinds of historical mapping we analyse, in this case a simple segmented chart of the Thirlmere aqueduct, a triumph of Victorian engineering that brings fresh water from the Lake District  down to Manchester.

  (Source: The Engineer, 19th October 1894, page 340. 
A scanned copy of this issue is available from Grace's Guide.)


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