Quiz Time 73

1)Nokia recently filed a patent that would allow a phone to alert you using a tattoo or other marking to send a "perceivable stimulus to the skin." One shake means a friend; two pinches, it's your mom.
Identify this technology?

2)How is Soroban popularly known as?

3)Identify him

4) X is the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry.It currently takes place at Fira de BarcelonaCatalonia,Spain, in February. The annual attendance is generally between 50,000-60,000 people.
Identify X ?

5) Identify this game console?
Jaguar Logo.png
It has an interesting history too.See,if u can identify it!

6)"Data expands to fill the space available for its storage ". What is this law called?

Monopoly City Streets logo Openstreetmap logo.svg  Hasbro.png

8)Identify it?

9) Crespo is the code name of which Android phone ?

10)What is this ?


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